Monday, August 30, 2010

Pillow Mania

Lately, I have been in the sewing mood.  Therefore, I have went a little crazy with making pillows.  Here are three that I just recently completed.  (Don't worry, I know the pink pillow doesn't match.  It is for my daughter's room.)   

I have yet again been inspired by all of you that have in turn been inspired by Pottery Barn.  I am still going to ride the faux grain sack train for a while still.  I decided to take this Pottery Barn pillow and try my hand at it.

Image from Pottery Barn

I have been playing around the different techniques for decorating them.  The first is by far the easiest.  All I did for this pillow was put some painter's tape down and dry brush on some acrylic navy paint.  Like so:

Then just sew it together.  I don't think it turned out to different from the PB pillow.  What do you think??

This next pillow I just printed out my word in the font I liked, held it up to the window and used a fabric marker to trace the letters.  Make sure you are doing this on a sunny day and that you are prepared to have your arms "feel the burn."

This last pillow, I actually made a silk screen for it.  So, it was the most complex but there was no way I would have been able to catch all of this detail without the silk screen.  I love the way the font turned out.  Plus, with the screen I quickly made two more for my nieces.

Here is a close up of the font.  Sorry, but the lighting isn't great so the colors are not as they really are in the above photo.

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  1. Oh my! Those turned out so beautiful! They look just like Pottery Barn! Great job. You have the best ideas and do them so well.

  2. Your pillows are lovely! The first one looks exactly like the one from the catalog. Very creative!

  3. I. MUST. have. that. Grazie. pillow!!!

  4. I am always amazed at how creative people are on Blogspot, but my god you are insanely good at making the pillows. I am going to try the burlap Grazie one. I loved it


  5. Hi, just wanted to say how fantastic your pillows have turned out!!! great job!
    hugs from Laura xxx

  6. Those pillows are looking great! And you even used three different techniques. The technique with the silk screen is still far too scary for me, so kuddos to you!
    How are your arms doing?

  7. I did almost the exact same pillow a while back on my blog! I love how so many people are realizing you don't have to spend a fortune to obtain some of the store looks ;)

  8. Great pillows. Love the striped one...I'm going to have to copy it!

  9. I like your pillows. I just made some with freezer paper. Can you tell me more about your silk screen process. Also did you use tape on the outer edges of the thinner stripes?

  10. The apron is much better in the end. :) You should add pockets it would make it even better! & the pillows are amazing I love the idea - too bad I can't sew. Oh, & i'm your newest follower!

  11. I like yours even better, it's more old and worn looking. I'm going to try that!


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