Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another bench

I have been prepping for my daughter's 5th birthday.  We are going with a Tangled/princess theme.  Although, she has requested a spongebob cake.  She tends to be fickle.  What can I say?!  My week will be spent scouring the web to use other well organized mother's party ideas.  I try not to reinvent the wheel. 

In the mean time, I have another bench to share with you.  This one was found at the Goodwill outlet.

A tad dated but sturdy.  I wanted to do a quick redo with little work.  I used ASCP Aubusson blue.  Just between you and I, I don't really care for this color but for a quick redo using supplies on hand it worked just fine.  I found just enough natural canvas to recover it.  It seemed to be missing something.  Yes, a stencil would work great for the seat.  I used my cricut to make the butterfly dream stencil.  I decided to go with a punch of yellow to give a nice contrast to the blue. 

I think it would be great for a colorful teen's room.  What do you think?

Hope you are having a creative week!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Distressed country lovely

I ran across this little bench.  It needed a little update to make it into a distressed country lovely.  Here is the bench before I got started.  Noticed the painted on houses.  I think it felt a little 80's.  What do you think?

I had a little bit of ASCP Pure White left.  I mixed in a little Aubusson Blue and got a lovely light blue.  I rather liked it but in my never ending quest to figure out the dark waxing process, I decided this small project was a good practice.  After a little elbow grease and some distressing, I now have a cute little country fresh bench.

Here look a little closer.  No more houses! 

Doesn't it look better?  What do you think? 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

French drum table makeover

I am finally starting to get back to almost 100% thanks to the antibiotics.  I have still been pretty lazy.  Thank goodness I had pictures from a project from about a month ago. 

I don't know why I have a fascination with french furniture but I do.  I came across this french drum table at an auction about three or so years ago.  Here it is painted a glossy black and would be cream on the leather.  A little boy had come along and peeled off the cream paint.  I couldn't really get mad because what did I expect painting leather?!  So, this is how it sat for about a year and a half.  Please don't judge me too harshly.  When I needed to fill a little space in my booth, this seemed like a good candidate.

Since ASCP is said to stick to everything, I thought I would throw it on and see how it goes.  I painted Pure White first followed by one coat of Duck Egg Blue.  I little distressing and waxing.  Here is a not so good picture of it in my booth.

Forgive the poor photo.  I think I liked it better glossy black if there would have been a way to keep the paint on the leather.  But with the super power of chalk paint, it has a new finish and a new home already.  Sharing over at:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two is better than one!

I have no miraculous makeover to share.  It is official.  I have a sinus infection with a touch of bronchitis and one clogged ear.  So in order to get my mojo back, I'm taking it easy the rest of this week.  Thought I would share a little picture of my fashion diva.  I hope it makes you smile like it did for me.  She just loves her skirts.

Funny thing is she really felt like this was a great outfit to wear out in the winter time.  I don't even want to know what her outfits will look like when she is  a teenager :) Hope everyone is staying healthy and has a great weekend.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ready to display

I finally am getting around to my first post of the year! Holidays, colds, and off from school has really thrown off my routine. Today was finally back to normal. Before I tell you about my latest redo, I really could use some advice on getting rid of a sinus cold. It hasn't become an infection so no antibiotics. I could really use a fail proof way of getting rid of this. It is approaching three weeks now! I just needed to put out the call for help. It is certainly not fun when your head feels like it will implode at any moment.

Okay, enough bellyaching. I have a quick redo to share. I found this cute little bookcase at the auction. I almost forgot to take a picture so this is all you get.

I thought it would be perfect to house some smalls for my booth but it needed to get pretty first. Some primer and cream paint has it looking a little better but feels a little plain. I've had this hard poster board with photocopied writing on it for forever. I thought it would be just the thing to jazz this up. Subtle but effective.

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