Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White and lovely

You could probably tell from my last post that I like auctions. I decided I would do another post about another auction purchase.

I had been checking out decorating books from the library and fell in love with a white secretary desk I saw in it. Lo and behold, I found the exact same type of desk at the auction. Yes, you know it. It was a sign from above that this was fate. I am not so sure my husband quite agreed but nevertheless it arrived at our house the day after the auction.

Sorry for the poor quality of the before photo. I took it at the auction house.

I know most of you think it is just fine as is but it just wouldn't go with my decor in my bedroom. It just had to go white. Here is the lovely now:

Let's take a closer look.

I've got a secret. Can you keep it?? Look and see if you can notice.

Yes, you've got it. Hubby cut out a small opening for our mini TV that was suppose to be for using while on the treadmill. You know how that goes though. Of course, now we use it in our bedroom every night. Here is a not so good shot of how he attached it to the back.

Considering we had a cheapo armoire from Kmart that was suppose to be for a nursery, I think this adds a bit of sophistication to our bedroom. What do you think?

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  1. I love secretaries and yours just blows me away in white! So awesome, and what a great place for your television. I love the color of your bedroom too! You did an absolutely fantastic job!!!!

  2. That is a beautiful secretary, the white just makes it look so sophisticated. Love the way you incorporated the tv, very clever.

  3. This is beautiful! Lucky you for finding such a great piece :)

  4. ahhhh... so much prettier in white! Great job!

  5. What a beauty! Love how fresh and updated she looks with a coat of white. Nice work!

    This is AMAZING
    Love love love it

  7. i absolutely love how the fresh white pops against the dark wall color- it looks astonishing.

  8. It is SO SO beautiful! My Grandpa has the exact same one that used to belong to my Grandma. I recently planted the seed that if he is ever feeling like getting rid of it, I'm first in line. Just lovely!

  9. that is really a gorgeous piece!!! I love what you did with it, and the subtle TV...I really did not notice it until you said what the surprise was. Nice job!

  10. I love this secretary...I need something like that to hide my laptop etc in the dining area.

    How clever is hubby to create a hideaway TV...Love it.


  11. What a beautiful piece of furniture...I love the white paint job!

  12. Your transformation of this lovely piece really is stunning!It's a real looker now!

  13. What a fabulous armoire! I love it in white. Your TV is well hidden in there behind the picture, great idea!

  14. Gorgeous makeover and clever tv hiding trick. I need to try this, if I can convince my husband that TV's are not "works of art". Kudos.

  15. How do you paint the inlays on the window?

    1. I actually slid paper under it. Not very easy. I have seen people pop off the outer casing to get the inlays out. I didn't think I could do that at the time.


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