Saturday, October 30, 2010

Warning! Uncharted territory.

I just wanted to warn everyone that I am attempting to play with the blog layout.  Bear with me as I put on my rubber boots and trudge through this uncharted territory for me.  Hopefully, I won't accidentally delete the blog.  After much googling, I was able to make a blog button.  Please feel free to grab it:

Inspired By You

I'm hoping to finish a furniture project this weekend to share with you.  Cross your fingers that the kids allow it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White and lovely

You could probably tell from my last post that I like auctions. I decided I would do another post about another auction purchase.

I had been checking out decorating books from the library and fell in love with a white secretary desk I saw in it. Lo and behold, I found the exact same type of desk at the auction. Yes, you know it. It was a sign from above that this was fate. I am not so sure my husband quite agreed but nevertheless it arrived at our house the day after the auction.

Sorry for the poor quality of the before photo. I took it at the auction house.

I know most of you think it is just fine as is but it just wouldn't go with my decor in my bedroom. It just had to go white. Here is the lovely now:

Let's take a closer look.

I've got a secret. Can you keep it?? Look and see if you can notice.

Yes, you've got it. Hubby cut out a small opening for our mini TV that was suppose to be for using while on the treadmill. You know how that goes though. Of course, now we use it in our bedroom every night. Here is a not so good shot of how he attached it to the back.

Considering we had a cheapo armoire from Kmart that was suppose to be for a nursery, I think this adds a bit of sophistication to our bedroom. What do you think?

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can't get enough of...chairs?

I've been so busy doing the fall family fun stuff that I haven't had time to do any projects.  So, I thought I would post about my very first auction purchase two years ago. 

I cannot tell you how nervous I was going to my first auction.  So many people, auctioneers talking sooo fast.  The original piece of furniture I intended to bid on I realized was just too big.  When I previewed the auction a day early I didn't even think to bring a tape measure.  Never fear, the day was not lost.  I walked away with two Italian chairs with that oh so cool mustard yellow 70's velvet fabric at $25 for both.  So, I walked away with two chairs that I really had no idea what to do with.   

At the time, I hadn't really ever done a project other than sewing lined panel curtains.  Just thinking of reupholstering the seat covers seemed to terrify me at the time.  So what else to do but use a sheet to make slipcovers for them.

Here's the before and after:


They had made great occasional chairs.  I believe this was the first project that prompted me to keep going and decorating.  Do you remember your first DIY project?  What was it? 

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Today was a gorgeous day for the pumpkin patch!  It was overcast and the temperature was just right.  Of course, I was one of those picture happy mothers.  This first one took some coaxing.  My six year old did not want to put his arm around his sister.  I suppose I should be happy that he didn't get her in a headlock! 

You know how hard it is to get a picture with yourself in it.  Well, I have been letting the kids take some pictures at home.  This is what my six year old took:

Not too bad at all, uh?!

I even got me 3 year old in on the action.  It was pretty funny though.  I brought my Nikon40x which you have to look through the viewfinder.  She couldn't understand why we weren't showing up on the screen.  Nevertheless, she got a pretty good shot:

Don't worry, after the forced posing, the kids enjoyed climbing piled up bales of hay, animals, a corn maze, and a hayride to pick a pumpkin.  Now we just have to carve the jack-o-lanterns!  What fun!!! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Wreath

I thought I would share with you this project I did while recovering from a recent surgery.  I have been wanting to make one of these book wreaths for a while.  While I was holed up in the house, I had to use what I had around.  Here is the supplies:  one cereal box cut into a wreath form, a lot of pages from an old book, and a hot glue gun.

Before I pulled out the pages, I had painted the outside of the pages with my burnt umber craft paint to give it some age.  Next, I arranged the pages in an accordion style and hot glued them on the cereal box starting from the outside working my way in.  Keep a pencil handy to keep burning your fingers to a minimum.

After one HGTV show later, this is what I ended up with:

Okay, now that I see it from this angle, perhaps I need to shift it a little to be on center.  Here is a close up of the wreath.  It reminds me of a flower.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been in a galaxy far, far away!

Sorry I have been MIA around here.  Last week was a little crazy.  I was organizing my son's 6th birthday party.  You know what that means?!  Cleaning, planning, creating, and buying stuff.  Stars Wars was our theme.  I try not to reinvent the wheel.  So, I spent a little time googling star wars party ideas.  I decided every child had to have a Jedi robe and a homemade light saber.  Needless to say, I didn't anticipate 12 children replying that they would be able to come.  So, I spent quite a bit of time pumping out 12 Jedi robes.  Don't get me wrong, even though it was a lot of work, the kids totally made it worth it.  Just look how cute they look.

Of course, no star wars party is complete without a visit from Darth Vader.

I give kudos to hubby for letting 12 kids hack him mercilessly.  After 2 hours of games, cake, ice cream, and presents, I think we produced a memorable birthday party for my young Jedi.

Happy birthday to my 6 year old Jedi!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Using what you have...

Sorry for the delay in showing my latest craft.  I have been feeling better and better each day.  I have even gotten out and driven to the store today!  It felt great for about the first 20 minutes of being into the store.  Then, I decided it was time to head home for the couch.

The craft I'm sharing today is made from materials I found in my closet.  Because I've been stuck at home recovering, I didn't have a way to make any purchases.  (I know my husband has been grateful for that.)  Anyways, this is the first time I actually dug around to use what I already had on hand and come up with something.  Let me go ahead and warn you that this is by no means an original idea.  In fact, this has been done by many in various ways.

I used a piece of 25 cent gray felt sheet, thread, needle, scissors, beads, and tulle.  The end product is these two broaches.   

Obviously, the second one is in need of some sort of bling for the center.  I think I will dig around for some pearl beads.  I've put an alligator clip as wells as a broach clip on the back to make it more versatile.  I can't wait to wear it in my hair on a head band or perhaps use it as an embellishment on a cardigan or maybe even a black tote.  The possibilities are endless!!!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cabin fever!!!!

Well, it has been a full week after the surgery and I'm doing better than I thought I would.  I wanted to thank you for your thoughts for my speedy recovery.  I've got about 2 more weeks before I should be back to normal. 

Right now, I have a bad case of cabin fever!  I'm the type of person that will come up with a reason to have to get out of the house after one day.  I've read 4 romance novels and watched way too much TV.  I have been going completely bonkers!

My husband just doesn't understand that need to do something.  He thinks I'm nuts for wanting to do some project or really anything.  I love that he is concerned and wants me to take it easy, but I just can't take doing absolutely nothing.  I can't drive yet or lift anything over 10 pounds for an entire month.  Let alone going through my uncomfortable healing process.  It was leaving me feeling utterly useless.  

I tried to bribe him to go to the Dollar Tree to get me some things for a little craft.  I pretty much knew he would laugh.  I finally had to dig something out from my closet to do while I could be laying down.  It is amazing what you can think of using when you don't have the option to hop in the car and get the required stuff.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be up to taking some pictures of my latest little craft.  Until then!