Monday, June 28, 2010

Goods finds, great prices

I had some luck at the flea markets, yard sales, and thrifting.  Here they are:

Can you believe that?!  My favorite is this army photo from 1918.  I've wanted a big black and white photo like this forever.  I found it for $20.  I know it seems expensive but in comparison to what I've seen it was pretty reasonable. 

The grain sack was $2.00.  I really like the blue and gold striping.  I believe they will become pillows for the couch.

These corbel thingies were from the Salvation Army for only 48 cents.  I don't know where they will go.  But with white spray paint, I'm sure I can find a place for them.

Last but not least was the set of 6 glasses for only 50 cents.  I couldn't get a good picture showing the stars circling the top.  I thought it would be perfect for the 4th of July.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tic Toc

What a productive day of flea marketing, garage sales, and thrifting.  Okay, so I've been thinking I need something to go here:

I ran across a lazy susan at Goodwill for $3.  It seemed like the perfect size for a clock.  I needed paint and Grafix Rub-onz, all of which I already had.  I went ahead and dry brushed the lazy susan with colors from the room.  Next, I used some digital scrapbooking numbers and printed them onto the Rub-onz.  Then, I carefully cut around the numbers with an extremely small border.  The Rub-onz will leave a halo effect around the image rubbed on.  My wonderful hubby routered out a spot for the clock mechanize, which I also had already.  After about an hour, this is what I ended up with:

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Little french chair

This is my all time favorite make over (as well as my first venture in upholstery).  First, let me set the scene.  It was another Wednesday at the auction.  I spotted an absolute gorgeous set of french twin upholstered bed frames at the auction preview the day before.  This was the real deal.  I quickly called my sister and told her we had to get these.  She was redoing her teenage daughter's room and my daughter was climbing out of her crib so we needed to upgrade her room.  She said she was willing to pay no more than $150 for one of the beds.  Of course, the beds were being sold together.  The bidding war was on.  I hadn't planted my money tree (still haven't found one yet) so I was outbid by a vendor.  I was so disappointed.  Well, me being me, I just had to get something from that set.  So, here enters the little french chair bought for only $15.

I know.  Gorgeous frame but not so pretty fabric.  I thought to myself this should be easy, right?!  Well, maybe not so much.  I started by painting the frame white.  Next, I stripped of the fabric.  I found the original horse hair which would have been fine except for all of the dead bugs and larva.  So, I thought I would strip it down to the frame and learn as I go.

Well, it isn't as easy to tie down springs as one would think.  I mean I had books and videos from the library but just couldn't get it right.  So the chair sat for a while being referred to lovingly by hubby as "little nasty."  Well, I broke down and had an upholster do just the springs for a whopping $85.  Luckily, he had cut seat foam and thrown it in for free.  What was going to be an inexpensive project just became priceless.  Once back at home, I got to work.  I used a drop cloth, purchased from Lowe's, as the fabric.  I decided to use tacks.  I like the old, imperfect kind of look.  Here is the finished product:

This is my favorite photo I've taken of my daughter.  Partly because my daughter looks so cute (of course a mother is bias) and the other part is all the work that went into that chair.

She doesn't know it yet but her children will use this chair.  Yes, that is right.  It is now a family heirloom and she better like it!  Let me know what you think.  I'm linking up with Mustard Seed Creations, Finding Fabulous, My Romantic Home, Funky Junk Interiors, and Metamorphosis Monday.  Check them out.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slipcovered Couch

Wow! What a difference a slipcover can make! Originally, we started out with a twin bed in this room. In all honesty, we never have guests and well it just wasn't as comfortable as a couch to veg out watching TV. I finally convinced hubby this Christmas we needed a new couch after ten years. So, the new couch was placed in the living room and the old one moved up to the "new room." Here is what it looked like before:

I know, it doesn't quite look casual and coastal, but after a few days of blood, sweat, and almost tears. Viola:

Not too bad for my first couch slipcover. My husband and I both think that it feels more comfortable for some reason. We love it. Okay, hubby and the kids could careless but every time I see it I feel so relaxed. It really made the room feel bigger just by being white.

If anyone out there is contemplating doing your first slipcover, I recommend taking your time. The first day a pinned and cut the fabric. About 2 days later, I sewed it, got frustrated with my sewing machine, gave up, then came back to it. I spent the next week on a white sofa with the original cushions. You know life has a way of happening. It does get difficult to let a 5 yr. old "put the pedal to the metal" while I wrangle and feed the fabric through. All the while, my 3yr. old is putting push pins into the carpet and unspooling my thread. But hey, a girl has to get work done some way. My kids always like "to help." I am sharing my project at
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

The room we added on last summer has been screaming for me to decorate it (not just put overflow stuff in it). I have been inspired by so many coastal, beachy decor from everyone's blogs. I thought that this would be a good theme for this room.

So, I am starting off small. Let's talk pillows. I found these great toss pillow covers on clearance at Target for only $1.24. I snatched up two. You can't by a zipper and fabric at that price! Here is what it looked like before:

You probably noticed the chalk lines. The pillow was originally 18" x 18" but I need it to be 14" x 14" finished. So, I measured, sewed an L, and trimmed the excess. Next, I used scrap muslin and printed out the photo and saying. I used spray adhesive on cardstock to affix the fabric onto the paper and just ran it through my printer. (If you do this, heat set it.) After that, I used extra fusible webbing to adhere it to the pillow. In my experience, the fusible webbing may come off. So, to keep the pillows around for a while I went ahead and stitched around the muslin. Here is my one of a kind beachy pillows:

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Transformations

I have always wanted to link to all of the blog parties I am checking out constantly. So, I thought why not give it a try. I'm linking up with

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special and

The following is a Goodwill item I transformed from a Goodwill shop and hop I attended this spring. Since I have two little children that used my coffee table as a chair and a platform to jump from, I have always wanted to have an upholstered ottoman. So, as I browsed Goodwill I ran across a sturdy coffee table. I thought this would be perfect for what I had in mind.
Here is the before:

I aready had all of the materials: walnut stain, free foam from mom, batting, many staples, and leftover white canvas fabric from another project. After about an hour, my ottoman was created.
Now, we put our feet up and enjoy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Very First Blog Post

Hi! My name is Julie and I am a blog stalker. For many months, I have enjoyed reading and being inspired by so many blogs. In the spring, I threw caution in the wind and signed up for a Goodwill shop and hop with bloggers that lived in my area. Of course, I was nervous because I just am not the chattie Kathy type. I had a great time. It made me realize that there are others out there that like doing projects just like me.

Thus begins my journey into blogging. Please excuse my stumbling as I learn my way into this blogging world. I plan on sharing the projects I have been inspired to do by so many of you.