Monday, April 14, 2014

Give me a hand!

Well ladies and gents, I had good intentions to keep the projects coming.  Then came a two week spring break.  Now, a carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.  It was done 10 days ago.  It is amazing how much I have missed the normal use of this hand. I felt sorry for the poor nurses and anesthesiologist.  Because of my issue with lymphedema from breast cancer, my right arm was off limits for an IV.  Since the left was being operated on, that one was out.  I guess it isn't every day that they get to try to start an IV in the foot.  My poor tootsies were poked and prodded.  The anesthesiologist said he would give the foot one more try before taking a stab at my neck for the IV.  Thankfully, the surgeon came in and told him he could go ahead and use my left arm and they would just alter the nerve block method they were going to use.  I walked out after the surgery with my hand bandaged and about 5 band-aids on my feet.  I am pretty sure I would have made a great sprinkler for the kids if I drank a ton of water.  Ha!  Ha!

Today, I was able to get the wrapping off but stitches will not be removed for another 7 days.  So, I will still be limited to lifting only 5 pounds.  I will probably be sitting around drooling over all of your projects green with envy!  I guess I could scour my photo files to see if I have any projects that I have not shared.  But maybe not, I am finding I am entirely enjoying being lazy, I mean, limited.  Hope all of you are enjoying your spring! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Project springs from inspiration

Warning:  Extremely photo heavy post!

I know you understand.  We have all been there.  Drooling over another blogger's home.  I have followed Savvy Southern Style for a long time.  I absolutely fell head over heels in love with her hutch.  Just take a look at it.

Now that you have seen it, you can understand why my heart went pitter patter.  I have been on the hunt for just the right piece.  With diligence and time, I came across just the right candidate on craigslist.

It start out like this:

Indecision hit and I put out a call for help to you guys.

I decided to go with ASCP Paris Gray base coat with a dry brush of ASCP Pure White.  These shots are from Christmas.

When I put away the Christmas decor, I wasn't diggin' the blue anymore.  I decided to take everything out and paint the back gray.  Then, I set to work cramping in as much of my ironstone hoard collection as I could.  I added a few touches of spring.  I am completely loving it.


Every time I walk by, I stop and smile!  I really love how it has turned out!  Love to know what you think. 
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fluffing the booth

After a ridiculously long, cold, snowy filled winter, everyone is itching for spring.  My booth was in desperate need of a revamp.  I originally thought having a chalkboard wall would be so cool.  Little did I realize how difficult it would be.  There is no shortage of beautifully drawn on chalkboard walls out in blogland.  My problem is that I am not the best at drawing a picture, let alone filling a wall!

While blog hopping, I came across my inspiration from Maison D├ęcor:

I just love the stenciled wall with the metallic paint!  I have never tried stenciling but thought it would be fun it give it a whirl. I grabbed a stencil from Hobby Lobby with my coupon.  First, I had to cover the black chalkboard paint with two coats of primer.  Then, I applied some oops paint I picked up at Lowe's.  Then, the fun started with the metallic paint and stencil.  I gotta say it got old after reaching the half way point!  I pushed my inventory just enough to give myself enough space to squeeze in a ladder and myself.  Okay, maybe just a little more than that but it felt like I was working in a drainage pipe!  Of course my partner in crime, my mom, was there to help out.  I have to say that it turned out great!  It was a bit of work but it gave my booth a much needed change.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Horsing around

Don't mind me.  I have just been horsing around! 

I am sure you all have seen Miss Mustard Seed's delicious restoration horse.  If not, you can check it out here.  Beautiful isn't it?!  Because I am cheap (I am not sure hubby would agree), I found two horses to satisfy my need to horse around.

First up, a little wooden horse from Goodwill.  It had a hole through the middle which leads me to believe it was part of the carousal horse phase back in the late 80's.  In fact, I remember my oldest sister having one all decked out in mauve and blue.  Anyways, I saw the potential.  Do you see it too?

Not quite like Miss Mustard Seeds, but a poor man's substitute.  In honor of Miss Mustard Seed, I used her milk paint, Grain Sack.  The wood was pretty much unfinished so no chipping.  Just a little sanding and wax.
I like my MMS inspired horse that was a mere $3.  The second horse I actually redid over Christmas time.  This guy was in my garage forever.
Not really a fan of the hand painted scene.  With this horse, I used ASCP Pure White.  I used ASCP Graphite on the details.  Then gave it a coat of Annie's craqueleur followed by some dark wax.
This close up is not the greatest.  I am not sure if you can even see the cracks.  I could only get so close on my 8' ladder. 
 Still not close to MMS's horse, but I still like it!  I would love to know what you think!
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