Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Give me a hand!

Well ladies and gents, I had good intentions to keep the projects coming.  Then came a two week spring break.  Now, a carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.  It was done 10 days ago.  It is amazing how much I have missed the normal use of this hand. I felt sorry for the poor nurses and anesthesiologist.  Because of my issue with lymphedema from breast cancer, my right arm was off limits for an IV.  Since the left was being operated on, that one was out.  I guess it isn't every day that they get to try to start an IV in the foot.  My poor tootsies were poked and prodded.  The anesthesiologist said he would give the foot one more try before taking a stab at my neck for the IV.  Thankfully, the surgeon came in and told him he could go ahead and use my left arm and they would just alter the nerve block method they were going to use.  I walked out after the surgery with my hand bandaged and about 5 band-aids on my feet.  I am pretty sure I would have made a great sprinkler for the kids if I drank a ton of water.  Ha!  Ha!

Today, I was able to get the wrapping off but stitches will not be removed for another 7 days.  So, I will still be limited to lifting only 5 pounds.  I will probably be sitting around drooling over all of your projects green with envy!  I guess I could scour my photo files to see if I have any projects that I have not shared.  But maybe not, I am finding I am entirely enjoying being lazy, I mean, limited.  Hope all of you are enjoying your spring!