Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's important

That is what I have been asking myself since the end of radiation. As I was nearing the end of radiation, I began to feel like this is a sort of second chance. This whole experience has made me examine my life (other than when it flashed before my eyes right after the doctor told me I have cancer). I mean I caught this cancer at stage II not IV. They have told me thus far there is no evidence of cancer remaining. I am inclined to believe that I will make it long enough to make my kids tell each other how old and senile their mother is.


I just feel like I need my life to make an impact but don't know where or how to do that. Before all this began, I loved painting furniture and such. Now, it somehow seems less important. Maybe this is a phase. Maybe the big guy upstairs is prompting me. Many survivors volunteer to help others with cancer but I am not sure I can do that now. Too many crazy thoughts creep in my head about reoccurrence. It is pretty taxing trying to figure out what I am suppose to do. I guess I will go the hubs advice, 'just recover, and be a good mother. ' Now, I think I can do that.


So bear with me while I muddle my way through this phase. I have some projects to show but am a little slow sharing these days. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am sure it has not been unnoticed by you.  It is Pinktober, breast cancer awareness month.  Yes, I have become all to aware of breast cancer.  I finished up my 28 radiation treatments last Friday.  I am, to say the least, quite crispy.  It is like getting a sunburn on top of a sunburn, on top of a sunburn, well you get the idea.  I was told that this week and the next will yield the final results of my radiation (peeling, blistering, and possibly opening and draining).  Not my idea of fun.  So far, I have just peeled and am walking around with my hand on my hip to keep my arm from rubbing too much.  Let me just say ouch!!  But hey, at least I am still around.  If that is all I can complain about, I am lucky. 

Being Pinktober, you cannot go anywhere without seeing the pink ribbon on everything.  Pink is everywhere!  In honor to bring breast cancer awareness to you, I couldn't resist grabbing this pink wig from the Halloween section.

After reading this, I want all you gals to check yourself.  It is Pinktober after all! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkin Topiary

Fall is here!  It is my favorite time of the year.  I love it when the air starts to get nice, cool, and crisp, don't you?  I know you have seen pumpkin topiaries all around pinterest, magazines, and other blogs.  I have wanted to make one for quite some time but finally bit the bullet and splurged on the supplies.

I had to get a total of six fake pumpkins.  I got mine from Hobby Lobby.  Next, I knew I needed a dowel rod in order to get the pumpkins to stay upright since my are fake.  My mom spied this at the Goodwill Outlet which worked out perfect.  I bought some picks and already had grapevine garland that I made six separate rings out of for stacking between the pumpkins.   

I basically just followed Marian's directions from HGTV, click here.  Although it is not exactly like Marian's, mine is perfect for me because I can reuse it year after year.

I wanted to give a thanks to Phyllis for the email to give me that extra push.  Thanks a bunch!

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