Saturday, May 28, 2011

Old Shop Stool

Sorry I haven't posted lately.  With the last week of school to go, it seems to have gotten very busy here.  Hopefully, I will be getting back to a schedule of posting more. 

I wanted to share this little makeover with you guys today.  I got this cute little shop stool for basically nothing.  I was attracted to it because of the green base.  It  also gave off the industrial vibe.  Here is the before:

Sorry for the poor picture.  When hubby was ready to take it apart, he wanted to get it done not wait for me to get a better picture.  Let me just say I used bleach water to spray down and clean off the wood before I recovered it.  Of course I used my stash of foam and batting.  I don't know how us gals ever lived before using drop cloths for decorating.  Here she is ready for someone's kitchen bar or craft room.

I originally thought about doing a faux grain sack seat but I guess I made a good call because it was in the booth for less than a week.  For those of you who have a booth, do you ever not notice when something has sold?  I have been trying to stuff my booth full.  So every week when I go in to check it out or add stuff, I haven't noticed some things that have sold (like the chair).  You would think I would notice when something bigger isn't there anymore. 

I hope everyone has a great Memorial holiday weekend!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Latest finds

I have been meaning to share with you some of my latest auction finds and to get your opinions.
First up is this huge $5 french mirror.  It weighs a ton.  I think I have a little plan up my sleeve for this one. 

Next, I got this two tiered cart for $10 or $15 (I can't remember which)  Can you believe that all the dirt came for free?!  I figure it would look cute in the booth after I get it all cleaned up.

Now for the gorgeous frame and sconces.  Sorry I didn't think to get a close up to show off all of the beautiful details.

So, here is where I need some advice.  First, the sconces could be wired to become electric verses just using candles.  I was thinking of replacing the current ironwork I have above the fireplace with the empty frame and the sconces.  This is a current picture of my mantel. 

Would it look too corny to use an empty frame?  Would the sconces be too much?  It is awful to be so indecisive.  I could really use some guidance from you wonderful gals out in blog land.

I wanted to save the best for last.  This Italian chair I picked up at the auction for $45.  I felt like it was a steal since I maybe have seen this style once a year at the auctions since I started going.  Because I just didn't know when I would be able to stumble upon something similar, I snatched it up as an early birthday gift.

I absolutely love it!  I didn't realize how dirty it really was until it hit the sunlight.  The amount of dirt and who knows what else I have been cleaning off is just unreal.  I've got to totally strip this chair down to the bones.  I am going to paint the frame a softer, pale, more muted turquoise.  You'll just have to stay tuned in to see my progress.  I can't promise it will happen at lightning speeds but slow and steady wins the race.

Hope you enjoyed peaking at my finds.  Let me know what you think about the frame and sconces.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

White done right

I have to first start off by thanking all of your for your sweet comments regarding my union jack dresser.  It is very gratifying knowing that others feel you have done a good job! 

I have been meaning to post about this little tray table I got at the auction.  Funny thing is that I didn't realize that it was a tray table until a nice lady that has a booth in the same shop as I do told me it was.  I thought the top was just broken off the base.  She told me what she thought I should price it at.  She is very nice to give me advice on pricing and what kind of pieces she feels will sell good.  Being new to this booth venture, I greatly appreciate any advice.

Anyways, on to this sweet little tray table.  Here she is straight from the auction:

I had to glue all the joints and used twine to "clamp" it together as well as add a missing finial.  The finish was in bad shape. What better way to spruce up this little gal than with some paint. I always feel white can really freshen up a piece. Now she resides in my booth. Hopefully, her stay will not be that long before she goes to some lovely home!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Union Jack Dresser

I've been waiting to share this with you!  Of course you all know that I am a huge fan of Miss Mustard Seed.  Of course when she posted about her union jack dresser, I just had to try it.  It took a bit of time to find just the right dresser.  After a morning at an auction, here is what I selected:

It really is beautiful but in pretty rough shape.  After stripping the top, priming, and taping it off, here it is ready for the paint.

I used Sherwin Williams naval and kiss just as MMS.  I only used the primer for my white.  I was conflicted as whether or not to distress it but for now decided against it.  I'm very pleased how it turned out.  

I decided the old rusting pulls just wouldn't do.  I came across these and felt they were perfect!

My wonderful hubby sanded down the top for me.  It had some water damage to the top.  But after sanding and refinishing, there is no sign of it.  It turned out just as I hoped.  

I was going to put it in my booth but I am nervous about what a reasonable price would be to put on it.  Any thoughts would give me a good gage as to if I'm nuts for wanting to put the price I have in my head on it.  I'm dying to know how you guys think it turned out.  Let me know what you think.  Should I distress it, what should the price be, any feedback is good.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ballard Inspired Pillows

My son's teacher is getting married.  The room moms' have organized a bridal shower for her.  This gave me the perfect excuse to make my own version of these pillows from Ballard's:

Mr & Mrs Burlap Pillow with Insert
I like the idea of it saying Mr. and Mrs. but just don't think burlap pillows would be all that comfortable.  So digging I went into my material stash.  I dug out some natural colored denim (much softer than burlap).  After cutting it for my pillow dimensions, I next had to consider my template for the Mr. and Mrs.  Although I like the Ballard's pillow, I am a sucker for a more script font.  After selecting a script I liked, I cut out a template with my cricut on freezer paper.  You know the rest, iron it on, paint, and sew.  I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.  I'm hoping his teacher will like it just as well.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's done!

This journey has been bumpy but rewarding.  I rounded the corner and finally finished the race!  I do have to admit that I did have one last hiccup but nothing that a few choice words couldn't fix.

So, I left you with the fabric stapled with only the cushion and double welting left to go.  I don't know if I've told you this before but I definitely do not enjoy making cushions.  First the cording isn't fun to put on (not hard just not fun).  Then, you have to get the zipper on.  Next is sewing it all together.  Ouch, those needles don't feel good poking into you either.  Here is a picture of all parts of the cushion before the sewing commenced. 

Sorry no pictures of the process. Did I mention I really don't care to make cushion covers?! Needless to say my lack of enthusiasm dictated no pictures of this part.  On to the cording!  Everything was going so well.  I was in the home stretch.  I sewed up the double welting and started to glue away!  That was when the last hiccup occurred and I screamed and screamed.  Okay not really but I may have hit my head against the wall a couple of times. 


After I got past my little mad spell, that is when I figured out what I did.  You see, when I measured out the cording, I must have stretched it tight.  Well, it is only logical that I must not have pulled it that tight when sewing the double welting because this is what I ended up with.

I dragged back out everything to sew about 4 inches of cording.  Grrr!!!!!  In case you forgot what she started out looking like, here is the before:

Now, hold on to your seat and say goodbye plaid.......

Not too shabby.

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I would love to know how you think I did!