Friday, January 10, 2014


I had every intentions to share Christmas decor, best of 2013, and so forth. You must think me a terrible, awful blogger.  I suppose I am.  Although I have not been posting, I have enjoyed everyone's blogs.  I have seen a lot of post choosing a word for 2014.

So, as I read, I started to think what would mine be?  After spending some time pondering this, it hit me all at once!  SHRINK!

Shrink meaning to become smaller in size or amount.

You are probably thinking what kind of word is that?!  Well, let me tell you.

I plan to shrink...
  • the amount of time I waste not being productive 
  • the amount of negative energy I feel by being insecure 
  •  the amount I spend frivolously
  •  my waistline  
  •  the amount of thoughts that swirl in my head from cancer
So, there you have.  In a nutshell, I want to shrink the negative to make room for the positive.  What is your word?