Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I was all set ready to share some photos with you but a problem has occurred. As I tried to download my pictures, it said I have reached my photo capacity. If anyone could let me know if I really need to purchase more storage or if I can resize my pictures, that would be great. Oh, if you could tell me how to resize it for here in photoshop elements you would be an angel in my book :) can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve. For now, the pillow is calling my head. Hopefully, there is an angel amongst you that can enlighten me concerning my dilemma. Many thanks!


Monday, November 12, 2012

No more

I wanted to let you know everything came back normal. When the lab tech took my blood last week, I asked about how they would detect cancer. She commented by my tumor markers. Since the blood draw, I was getting increasingly nervous about seeing my doctor today. You know, thinking the cancer was still lurking within me. I know, not positive but I am keeping it real. I asked the doctor about my labs specifically my tumor markers. She said that they don't test for those in breast cancer. What? I spent a whole week freaking out thinking today I may find out the cancer is back. What a waste of my time and energy! Well, no more! I guess I thought the tech would have magically known what type of cancer I had and what the doctor was looking for. Just so you know, my doctor was looking at marrow and liver and/or kidney levels. You know, seeing the toxic effects of my treatments. I am grateful that everything is normal. I just am kicking myself for allowing myself to get so nervous about a recurrence. This taught me that I cannot just be waiting for the other shoe to drop. I will be enjoying everyday. In fact, after the doctor appointment and my Herceptin infusion, I worked on a little project because it is something I enjoyed. I plan to keep myself busy with projects big or small because it makes me happy. Life is too short to worry and not be happy. Thanks for letting me purge. I plan on getting back to how things were before I got strapped onto this crazy roller coaster.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Entryway revamp

I have been wanting to share my revamped entryway. Let me show you some of the past changes to present day.

Here we have my $20 auction table decked out for Halloween.

Then, a Christmas present (DIY upholstered settee).

The Union Jack craze.

Next, a trip to the Salvation Army and a Craigslist purchase to produce this.


The most up to date revamp came from a garage sale and festival. I could not resist asking the gentleman if this gorgeous chest was for sale. He said that he would have to ask his wife but he would be urging her to sale it and 2 matching night stands. So, I left my name and number. Fast forward about 3 weeks. I was in the same neighborhood for a community sale. Showed up at the same house and talked to the husband again. Again, left my name and number. After about 3 weeks, I thought it was a loss. Then, out of the blue the lady called. I got it and they even delivered it for me. They were the nicest couple ever! I am so in love with the curves of this chest. It is an antique from England.

I picked up the canvas painting at a festival and the wood horse cutout from another festival.  I just love the painting.  Once I sale the french curio to the left, I may frame the painting. 

Just look at the colors in the painting. 

 Boy, I have changed that entryway a lot in just two years!  I may have a problem. 

Now that you have seen my many entryway looks, which do you like the best?

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