Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pop of Color

So, you saw the desk with my homemade chalk paint.  Now, I have another homemade chalk paint project to share. 

I've had this lowboy in my booth forever.  It doesn't look this good up close.  I have known for a while that it needed a coat of paint but with all the doctor appointments and such it wasn't high on the priority list until now. 

I grabbed a color sample of candy apple and mixed up my homemade paint.  I couldn't quite get it the same consistency of my first batch but it worked just the same.  I gave this lowboy three coats to cover up that stain.  I distressed it.  Then, put on a coat of clear and dark wax to finish it up. 

What I loved about this project is that I brought my paint and drop cloth into the shop and completed this entire piece in an hour and 45 minutes.  You've gotta love that!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Desk revamp

First off, sorry for being MIA.  I'll fill you in quickly.  I had my check up with the surgeon.  My biggest tumor has shrunk in half and the other three are stabilized.  So that is good.  My last post was about making it 1/2 way through chemo.  Not too long after that post, I realized that I am only half way through chemo not this whole process.  So, I needed a little time to digest that this will be a good six months to possibly a year before all the surgeries are complete.  But now, I am back into the game.  I really wasn't out just didn't want to be a needy Nelly or Debbie downer on the blog.  During my time off, I have done a few projects.

Let me tell you a little secret.  When I first met with my oncologist, she asked what I liked to do.  I told her paint and refinish furniture.  She informed me that I wouldn't be refinishing furniture anytime soon.  She didn't mention anything about painting just refinishing.  To me that means, stripping, sanding, sanding, staining, and top coating.  But painting, well it isn't that intensive.  So don't tell her, but I have been painting.  I don't want this chemo to get the best of me and to prove it let me show you my project.

I got this desk at a fabulous price.  (Excuse the mess but we try to cramp things in wherever they will go.) 

Just a little love and I knew it could look great.  I used DIY chalk paint.  This was the first time I tried it.  I used the recipe you can find anywhere just by googling.  I used plaster paris instead of unsanded grout or calcium carbonate.  It was done in one hour.  You have to love that!!  Are you ready to take a peak?

I used clear and dark wax over the paint.  It was just too bright.  Now it is toned down.  The top and drawers are in good shape.  So, I just used a little old English to polish up the top and drawers.  I love it!  What do you think? 

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brought to you by...

This is another post brought to you by the ramblings of cancer girl.  I hope you will stayed tuned and not unsubscribe or unfollow.  I will try to limit my ramblings.  I know we all wonder around blog land for inspiration.  Trust me, I know how depressing all of this cancer sharing can be.  So, hang in there with me.  I do have somethings to show you after I ramble.

I have officially made it half way through my chemo treatments.  I start a new chemo drug, Taxol, for the next two months.  I have my 1/2 way through chemo check with the surgeon next Tuesday.  I am terrified that the chemo isn't working and the four nuisances are growing.  I know it is counterproductive to think this way but I am only human.

When I first got the news that I had breast cancer, I was a complete mess.  Everyone was telling me to stay positive.  I really resented that.  I mean, I was positive I didn't want cancer and positive I don't want to die from it either.  After starting my chemo, I finally turned my attitude around.  Instead of it being, 'I may die from this.'  It turned into 'Let's get to this and finish it so I can live again.' 

Being a Christian, I have always thought of entering those pearly gates.  Those gates seemed to be set in front of me.  To tell you the truth, it is scary.  I know the one thing all of us have in common is we will all die.  I just never anticipated having to think about it this early.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  I still am not thinking about it.  I plan to make it through.  I did have to giggle when I thought about hubs having to go through my closet and things.  He would then know the real truth behind my hoarding habits.  It would probably give him a heart attack.  So, I better stick around.

Along with this being therapeutic, I have indulged in a little retail therapy.  This beauty was from the antique store where I have my booth.  Isn't it wonderful?!  It will look even better dripped in crystals, don't you think?

Next, I fell in love with this french little chair at the auction.  I felt like it represented me. 

A little broken and tattered but still here.  It will need the bad parts fixed and replaced but will end up looking great!  (Hopefully, like me.) 

You just got to love retail therapy.  You can find hope and inspiration anywhere.  Hope you are having a great week!

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