Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

The room we added on last summer has been screaming for me to decorate it (not just put overflow stuff in it). I have been inspired by so many coastal, beachy decor from everyone's blogs. I thought that this would be a good theme for this room.

So, I am starting off small. Let's talk pillows. I found these great toss pillow covers on clearance at Target for only $1.24. I snatched up two. You can't by a zipper and fabric at that price! Here is what it looked like before:

You probably noticed the chalk lines. The pillow was originally 18" x 18" but I need it to be 14" x 14" finished. So, I measured, sewed an L, and trimmed the excess. Next, I used scrap muslin and printed out the photo and saying. I used spray adhesive on cardstock to affix the fabric onto the paper and just ran it through my printer. (If you do this, heat set it.) After that, I used extra fusible webbing to adhere it to the pillow. In my experience, the fusible webbing may come off. So, to keep the pillows around for a while I went ahead and stitched around the muslin. Here is my one of a kind beachy pillows:

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  1. your pillows look wonderful...so summery, and beachy. Great idea to add the pics.

  2. I love your little pillows. I saw those covers at Target awhile ago, went back to get them and they were all gone. You got a deal! I am going to get around to trying the printed material one of these days!

  3. Those are too cute!! Very creative!! Being from California (now living in Texas) I have one room (my guest bathroom) that I have dedicated to the "beach theme" I love it!!! My lil' bit of Cali in Texas :))

    ~ Michella ~
    ~ ~ xoxo ~ ~



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