Thursday, August 5, 2010

My dogs are barking!!

Phew, I am exhausted!  My mother and I spent the day doing the World's Longest Yard Sale, otherwise known as yard sale off US 127 from Michigan through Alabama.  We went through 3 states and came home with only a $2 globe. 

Don't get me wrong.  There was plenty of things that I would not of hesitated taking.  It was just that my mother talked me out of it.  I found two of the most gorgeous chairs like I've seen on some dreamy blogs.  Of course, my mom took out her pin and burst my bubble.  She was right though.  They were great prices but both need to be reupholstered.  After estimating that expense and not really needing them nor having room for them, they were left for some other lucky buyer.  But oh, were they pretty!

I only remembered to grab my camera out of the car for one stop.  Here is a great table with 6 chairs for only $10.00!  With just a little love, I'm sure she would turn out to be a prom queen.

There was this beauty for only $2.

So, what lessons have I learned:
1.  Make mom sign a contract saying she will support me in any unnecessary purchases.
2.  Learn how to store these unneeded finds so hubby won't find out (that way, next time, I'll grab them up)
3.  Wear tennis shoes.
4.  Plan 2 days for this yard sale. 

All in all, it was great spending the day with my mom.  She's the only one who will let me drag her through 3 states all in the name of finding a treasure amidst junk!  If you happen to go, have fun!  It goes through Sunday.

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  1. Aw! They would of turned out beautifully! Def make her sign a contract for next time :)


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