Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Flirty apron

I was doing my weekly check through the local Goodwill and ran across this dress. 

I loved the colors and material.  It was so pretty and feminine.  It reminded me of my younger years.  You know the time where certain parts of your body defied gravity and I could see, oh what's it called, a waistline.  Why should I let a silly thing like the size being a junior 9 and a $3 price tag detour me from somehow feeling younger?! 

Once I had safely purchased it, I thought what should I do with it, pillows perhaps?  I have noticed this trend of cute June Beaverish aprons being crafted.  I have never given much thought to wearing an apron.  I mean how messy can a peanut butter and jelly get?  I threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a try.  I first had to rip out the zipper to save for another pillow project.  I then just pinned and cut and sewed where I thought it may needed to be.  Now, do not laugh.  And please do not ask if I'm expecting because that is a big NO!  But alas, here is what the first go around looked like.

Okay, this definitely didn't make me feel younger or thinner by any means.  Especially when my daughter told me, "Mommy, your belly got bigger."  I'm the first to admit I've got body image issues but who doesn't.  Right??!  Okay, now back to work cutting and sewing.  This is definitely the better version.

Much better, right?  Let me know what you think.  I'm sharing this project over at:
Show and Tell Green

Get Your Craft On Tuesday


  1. I LOVE it! So girly and classic all at the same time. You did great!!

  2. Just adorable! Love it. I've been meaning to change one of my old skirts into an apron... I love this one!

  3. Oh my gosh the first one is Soooooooooo cute! i mean i like the 2nd one too, but i <3 the first one :) what a wonderful project :)

  4. I thought you added the bottom frill... no, right? Well, at any rate, I love it...both of 'em! Great up-cycle job!

  5. What a smart idea! This is so cute. What's a waistline? Ha!


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