Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rocket red!

Okay, I know I said I was taking 2 days off but in my defense I've been nursing the beginnings of a head cold.  I just felt pooped the past few days.  Today, however, I just couldn't let all 3 projects in the works sit around without a completion.  So, I tackled the easiest (or so I thought). 

Do you remember this free desk I posted about here?  If not, here is a reminder of what it looks like.

Well, I have been searching for a chair that would be able to fit in the tiny 16 inch opening.  My son has been using a fold up chair.  I noticed that he bumps it into the bottom of the desk because it is so wide.  I have been combing auctions, Goodwills, and Salvation Armys with my trusty tape measure.  Finally, I spotted a chair at the Salvation Army that would just fit being pushed in at the desk.  Here is the before:

I got this beauty for 6 bucks!  My only requirement for the chair is it must be less than 16" wide.  Well, this orange lovely met that.  I knew I needed to replace the foam, spray paint the base (you can't see some of the rust in the picture) and recover it.  In my head, it didn't seem that it would be that difficult.  I guess I didn't think about trying to staple through foam and marine vinyl.  After tugging, using ply-grip, and some moaning, my son has a cool rocket red chair!  It didn't turn out perfect but it should be able to withstand a 6 year old who likes to glue, paint, and use markers. 

Because I was lazy and didn't want to try to sew marine vinyl with my sewing machine, I had to use a tack strip and ply-grip on the back.  It wasn't easy.  I'm proud to say that I didn't hammer a finger when hammering with my tacks.  Anyways, it turned out okay in the back.  I was hoping it would have been more crisp but it is done and it won't bump the bottom of the desk!

I would love to know if any of you could give me tips on using ply grip (i.e. curve ease). 

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  1. I love your chair, it is perfect with your desk. The red is super cool!

  2. I think it is perfect! I'm sure your little one loves it and can't destroy it! I myself was just searching for a good fabric protector for my new wing chair. Do you have one that you like to use??


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