Friday, November 26, 2010

How to reupholster, Part 3a -the saga continues....

I really did mean to be finished with this chair but boy did it throw me for some loops.  One would have thought that attaching only 3 pieces of fabric would be easy.  Ha!  Ha!  The beautiful curves that attracted me to this chair has been my archenemy!  I have felt like Charlie Brown when Lucy keeps taking away the football every time he tries to kick it!

My biggest road block has been trying to fix the lower front back where the seat cushion meets the back.

I actually stapled and restapled, with bottom of the front back bottom about 3 different times.  Because of the curve, I kept getting wrinkles in the fabric.  I continued to cut the fabric like your suppose to around corners to give a better fit.  I even had to try to stuff in more batting.  Well, I beat my head into the wall so much I have a headache now. 

Tomorrow I promise to post a more thorough explanation on reupholstering.  Right now, I am to pooped from my early, early morning Black Friday shopping and beating my head against the wall over this chair.  Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. 


  1. I don't know if you tried this or not. But usually the bottom seat cushion fabric slides between the back cushion and the seat and stapled to the back side of the chair..does that make sense? Good luck, I am sure you will do a fine job, don't be too much of a perfectionist, no one will notice.

  2. Hi, I have totally loved reading all your posts on upholstery! I have an old french style 3 piece lounge suite that I was thinking of doing but since I've never reupholstered in my life it's sitting in the shed till I can afford to get someone to do it.. or get enough info about it to do it myself. Anyhow I love your chair transformation and I think you've done such a wonderful job! The chair with the buttons turned out absolutely beautiful too, I would be very happy with them both. In regards to the problem you had with the chair wanting to wrinkle at the front bottom, being a bit of a sewer I have learnt that if you cut the fabric on the bias it will 'give' more. That is it will stretch slightly allowing it to curve and pull where you want it to. If you cut the fabric on the grain it has no 'give' at all. Not sure if that was of any help as from your final pics your chairs look very professionally done. take care, Maryann


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