Monday, November 22, 2010

This is a fabric emergency

As I said, I have been crippled by fabric indecision!  I need your help.  I am recovering these chairs:

I originally bought this cream and brown zebra print but now I'm having second thoughts.  I have narrowed it down to three fabric choices.  Just so you know a little bit about my decorating dreams, I love french designs with monochromatic tones.  Not that I have achieved that look, but give me about 10 more years and I might make it there.

Anyways, here are my three fabric options:

#1- brown and cream zebra print

#2 - a cream maltese look

#3 - a beige option

Pretty please with sugar on top, tell me which to go with.  


  1. I am leaning toward #3 and maybe then add a pillow out of the zebra fabric. You could also cover them with a dropcloth.

  2. Personally I would go with #2. Very pretty fabric and could go casual or dressed up. I have a couple of chairs that I am redoing as well, and THOUGHT I had my mind made up about the fabric (I even bought it), but then changed my mind. I WAS going to go with a real pretty floral, which I DID love, but knew it was going to lock me into a decorating theme. I found a new fabric store and started rethinking my decision. I decided that I wanted something very simple, elegant, and versatal. Instead of making the chairs themselves the major focal point, I decided to add some beautiful pillows which could be changed out with the season, OR, when my decorating style changes. I have made the mistake of choosing furniture with rather bold patterns before, and got tired of it LONG before it needed to be replaced. Well, you asked for it... those are my thoughts. Good luck!!!

  3. While I really like #1 I vote for #3. It goes with EVERYTHING so in the event your tastes change you wont have to recover them again. I second the pillow idea. Plus, you can change out the pillows on a whim!

  4. I too love #1 but I'd go with #3 as well. I can't wait to see what you decide to do! These were an amazing score!


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