Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to reupholster a chair, Part 1

Is everyone ready to start our upholstery journey?  Here we go!!!! 

If this is your first time reupholstering a piece, I suggest going to the library and having a how to book around.  You may even find a how to video as well.  First, let's talk about the tools you may need to begin the stripping process.  If you eat as much as I do on Thanksgiving, these tools may just come in handy to pry off those pants that looked really cute at the beginning of the day.  Anyways, I used a stapler/tack remover, mallet, and long needle nose pliers.  (Just a note.  It is nice to have pliers with a comfortable grip.  It may help prevent blisters.)

 Now, it is time to strip!  You want to start with the back of the chair.  Try to remove the cording or braiding.  Then, get started removing that fabric.  Little did I know that whoever upholstered this chair previously used industrial strength, you're never gonna get me off glue for the braiding.  It actually melted the parts of the fabric onto the wood frame at times making it extremely difficult to remove without damaging the frame.  Thus, my previous comment regarding comfortable pliers.  I made a run to Home Depot just to pick up a more comfortable pair for the second chair.   

After you peel away the back, next is the outside arms.  Fortunately, this chair doesn't have that.  Moving on, you would then take off the inside arms.  Thank goodness, I didn't have to do that either.  Next comes for the front back of the chair.  Does that even make sense?  Last, but not least, the seat cushion.  On a side note, you never know how someone put the chair together.  Be sure to take pictures.  

So, her is one of the girls exposed to her undergarments.  Tomorrow we will cover checking for repairs to frame and assessing the possible need to replace any stuffing, foam, and all that jazz.  Right now, I believe I will nurse my blister by laying back on my couch with a nice cold soda!  Until tomorrow!!!!


  1. Awesome. I've got a freebie chair coming my way this weekend..really. And this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I will stay tuned in! Thanks!

  2. This is so great! I just posted about attempting to reuphoster a chair for the first time. Thanks.


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