Monday, November 22, 2010

Hold on to your pants!

Well, you know that upholstery journey I was going to be taking you on last week?  It was put on hold.  It started with a migraine.  Then, tumbled into a nasty head cold.  Then, my son began his late night puke fest.  So, needless to say, we have been taking it easy and trying to recoup.  We are hoping no one else gets sick.  With Thanksgiving only days away, it would really stink to not be able to do the ritual overeating.  I mean, I intentially wear pants with some sort of give so I can gorge myself silly.

Anyways, even in our sickness, I found something that required no work to share.  It was just about 12 years ago, when hubby and I married in December.  We moved into a rental house.  I graduated college and my mom bought us a TV.  I just had to have an entertainment center for it.  You see, we were given a lovely couch and love seat with deer and flowers on it.  I know, what more could a girl ask for, but at the time it was nice just to have a couch.  Anyways, we have lugged that beautiful Kmart 12 year old entertainment center to three different homes.  Here is what she looks like now (excuse the mess)

For those of you with a Craig's list addiction, you will understand.  I am always checking out CL.  It is that whole you never know what kind of deal you might find and all.  Any how, I ran across a armoire posted for, hold on to your pants, $25!!!  Can you believe it???!!  I told hubby that for $25 we could try it out and wouldn't be out really any money.  So, we all packed up and pulled the trailer over and picked up this baby:

It makes me feel a lot more grown up now for some reason.  It isn't a beautiful frenchy armoire that I dream of getting one day, but for $25, how could we pass it up?!  I would love to know if you think it is an improvement.  Drop me a comment and let me know.

Also, I intend to start posting about reupholstering my chair but I am currently crippled with indecision over fabric choice.  I think I might have a few other choices.  Maybe I could get you to choose for me?!

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  1. It is definitely an upgrade! Great CL find!!!

  2. Love the grown up amoire! Definite improvement.

    I just found your blog at Donna's SNS --I came for the chairs...ha ha !
    I'm about to start my own re-upholstering project and am scouring (?) the internet looking for inspiration and lo and behold here I am being 'Inspired by you'
    I'm saving these posts on my tumblr share for later and for quick access.
    I think I'll be following you too.

    nice to meet ya...see you around the blogspere!


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