Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unique Knobs

I recently acquired a steal of a deal.  I got a dresser for only $5. 

As you can see, it had mismatched knobs.  I didn't think it was a big deal until I went looking for new ones.  Sure there are some really cute ones out there but they can get pretty expensive (especially since I needed 8). 

I'm sure you have seen people using resin to create unique knobs.  Well, I stumbled upon a bag of wooden knobs containing about 20 for $7.  I thought this must be my lucky day.  I decided to just paint the knobs the same color as the dresser being repainted.  So far so good.  Then, my luck started to run out.  It started after applying the resin.  I had stamped the bird with Staz-on ink.  As you can see from below, it didn't Staz-on! 

Great thing about chalk paint is it can go over just about everything.  After painting again, I decided to stamp the bird using white acrylic paint which I actually liked a lot better.  

Better already, uh?  This time the resin worked like a charm.  I will be revealing the updated dresser hopefully tomorrow.  I just wanted to share my experience with EnviroTex Lite and save you a headache in case you tried stamping before applying the resin.  Perhaps if I sealed it with a thin coat of ModPodge, it would have worked.  Hope you stay tuned to see the updated $5 dresser.


  1. Julie, that is one heck of a deal... love what you are doing to it... Don't you just love that chalk paint... see you at Horton's


  2. STEAL on that dresser!!! and the knobs you made are so cute!!! i love your blog...adding you to my reader!!


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