Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clay tag tutorial

I thought I would share with you a small craft project.  I know you have all seen clay tags.  They have been used for labeling baskets, buckets, gifts, and cards.  So, I decided to make a couple different kinds.  The materials I needed are polymer clay, some sort of cookie cutter or similar, and a pasta machine is optional.

I used the pasta machine to roll out the clay.  You can use whatever else you have on hand.  I tried to make these approximately 1/4" thick.  I couldn't find an oval cookie cutter but did find oval fondant cutters.  I cut out a couple different sizes.

I wanted to make some for a bucket label, some for basket labels, and some for magnets.  For the bucket labels and basket labels, I used a sophisticated tool called a pencil to poke holes in the right places.

I baked them according to the clay box's instructions.  Here they are fresh from the oven.

Next I stamped directly onto them using Staz-on Ink.  Here they are in action:

My favorite is the tag on the bucket.  I just nailed in a small hole and used some crafting wire to attach the number tag.  I just love french enamel number plates but they seem just too expensive to justify that purchase.  So, here is my attempt using a clay tag and diamond glaze. 

My suggestion for stamping is to use an actual rubber stamp verses clear stamps.  The clear stamps tend to move a little thus creating a blurred image.  I'm sharing my tags over at:

Todays Creative Blog 



  1. Love those! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for popping over for the slipcover! OK first---LOVE these clay tags!!!! This gives me so many ideas! And I love sculpey clay & so would my little boy...new project for me :) As far as achieving the "tailored" look I found that the closer you pinned it to the shape of the actual chair the more fitted the look. If you really follow the curve of the side it will stay nice and tight to the shape of the chair. Go for it! I'm so glad I did it. Alot of work but being able to wash is SOOO nice!!!

  3. Julie these tags are super cute. Now I'll have to add them to my list. Thanks a lot! ha ha kidding. Great post.

  4. Adore these tags. I've worked with polymers clays for more yrs than I wish to count but haven't made these yet. Thanks for sharing, I feel a project coming on ....
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  5. Amazing. I will have to try these. So simple and yet so effective and beautiful.


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