Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dresser with a brand new look

If you saw my last post, you know about my knob hiccups for this beautiful dresser I picked up for only $5.

You can see the mismatched knobs.  What isn't quite as noticeable in this photo is the crazy green paint.  It has a limish green base color with a darker green wash.  It was really odd.  That is probably why I got it for $5.  Other than the color and the knobs, it was a very sturdy, well built dresser.  Oh did I forget to say heavy too?! 

I knew this dresser was a great candidate to use my chalk paint.  When I was taking out the drawers, I felt like I was with my grandma.  All of the drawers had that smell that my grandma's make-up had.  It wasn't a bad smell at all.  In fact, it smelled tons better than most antique dresser.  Anyways, back to the transformation.  Because of the magical powers of chalk paint, I only applied one coat of Duck Egg Blue.  After a coat of wax and applying the new knobs, the dresser is transformed.  First a reminder of the knobs.

Now the whole dresser!

So much better don't you think?  I'm sharing over at:

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  1. Fabulous! Love those knobs!


  2. How sweet are those knobs? the whole thing looks wonderful!

  3. A beautiful rescue! I just love it when people have that "vision" to see things for what they can be and not what they are. Bravo!

  4. I gotta get me some of this chalk paint everybody's talkin' 'bout! I sounds too easy to be true! My kind of product!

    The dresser looks lovely!!

  5. What a great job! It looks fantastic! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)
    Happy weekend!

  6. What a great color and the adorable knobs are perfect. :)

  7. What a fantastic transformation it is such an appealing color and the knobs are a very nice finish.

  8. Just beautiful. The knobs are a nice touch.

  9. Hi Julie!
    I'm in Muncie! I'm new to the blog world and was excited when I found your blog. I love making things and lately have been so drawn to bringing life back to all things discarded or worn out! I read that you use chalk paint. Is there somewhere local that you buy it or do you order it online?


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