Thursday, June 23, 2011

Needing your opinions!

Yes, I am still alive.  After the trip to MO, I got one of the worst summer colds ever.  I'm just now recovering, but that is not the only reason for not blogging.  This is:

Meet our new dog.  We looked through tons (I really mean tons) of dogs online.  This one happened to be the first one my son noticed.  I just couldn't talk him into any other dog.  So off we went to the pound to meet her.  My son and daughter instantly fell in love.  So long story short, she is now ours.  Fleas and all!  Needless to say, we have been adjusting to caring for an animal (without fins).

The only thing I have been doing is trying to change up a few things.  This is where you come in.  I really would like your opinion.  So, please, please, let me have it:) 

First, I have been wanting to change up my mantle for a while.  So this is what I have come up with thus far. 

Okay, first does the urns like nuts with the candles on top of the moss.  I tried to replicate a similar look from a magazine but it doesn't seem to look quite the same.  So, should I take off the candles leaving just the moss, leave it as is, or put something else in the urns?  Second, the empty frame.  I've just leaned it up against the wall but would hang it.  It was suggested to put something inside the frame.  How do you guys like the idea of a moss monogram?  I do have a second option instead of the empty frame.  It is a smaller frame I picked up from the Goodwill store.

It is smaller.  I would definitely put a larger picture in it or maybe a print.  Which do you like the bigger frame or this smaller.  I know you must be getting tired now but I need you for just one more question.  It is a lamp question.  You see I have only bought about 3 lamps for this house in 10 years.  With the majority of the windows being east/west, we get plenty of light until winter.  We have always used the overhead lighting which you all know isn't that flattering.  So, I've picked up two options for our sofa table.

Initially, I like the taller black one.  But after keeping it there for a day, I think I like the short one.  I'm just not sure about the color.  Here is a closer look.

I was thinking of doing white with a gray dry brush distressed look.  Should I do two lamps on the table?  Which should it be??  So, here is where you jump down and comment your opinions to help a gal out.  Let me just thank you for reading this long post.


  1. Hi Julie, well I can't tell you what to do But I can tell you that I am having issues with my mantel I hate it right now.... But if you just sit and think for a moment it will come to you... Sometimes you just need to look at some magazines and see what you like.. Be yourself and do what you like... Can't wait to see what you come up with... And your new baby is so cute...


  2. I like the shorter lamp as well its says more summer and love the way you have the baskets in the lil alcove, very nice.Im sort of liking the idea of the photo on a larger scale. I'll be back to see what you decide.

  3. Oh I love when I get to give my opinion! Take the candles out. Keep the large frame, and I love the idea of the moss monogram hanging in the middle. I would put one of those urns on some books, and then place the candles in front of the books or one on the books and one in front of the books. Layering is the key to a mantle and arranging your accessories from high to low. Meaning, starting from the left side of your mantle, place the urn with the moss, (low) hang your frame (high) raise your urn on the right with books (medium low) By grouping the books, urn and candles it gives the mantle more depth and warmth rather than items placed in a row.

    I like the larger black lamp for the room. The taller size has a better visual space than the smaller one. The smaller one cuts off the line of site to your mantle.

    Ok, so there you have it, I hope I have helped!

  4. Hi Julie, I'm actually loving both lamps, but if I were only going to keep only one, I'd choose the right one. I am lamp crazy, and always say, "if you can count all your lamps on one hand, you need to go shopping for more lamps." I love bringing old lamps back to life with a new shade or paint. I love mantle decorating, too. I have some posted on my blog. What a fun dog for your children to enjoy. I'm a new follower and hope you visit my blog, too.

    Helen of Helen's Decor


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