Friday, June 17, 2011

$2 Cosco stool

Another auction, another purchase.  I just can't seem to walk away from an auction empty handed.  I had got this little yellow Cosco stool at the auction for only 2 bucks!  Cheap right?!  I guess when no one bids you can get stuff pretty cheap. 

Okay, I know it looks a little rough around the edges but who doesn't ever have a bad hair day (or decade in my case).  Anyways, hubby was nice enough to take it apart for me to spray paint an apple red.  Before I could spray paint, I had to take off the rubber grips on the steps.  They seemed to look as if they were dry rotted.  It took a lot of elbow grease and a lot of Goo Gone to get it all off but finally got it.  Next, the back rest.  With the extra drop cloth material I seem to have accumulated, I thought a little faux grain sack for the back rest would look just right. 

Here she is all painted up.  I could just see her sitting in the corner of a kitchen, couldn't you?

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  1. Nice job on this! I love it in red and the little grain sack back was a great idea.

  2. Wow! Looking at the before I was thinking you paid too much -- haha! This is just adorable!! Great job and great perseverance!!

  3. Love it! Cracked me up when I saw you got it for $2! I have the same yellow stool; it was my fathers. Mine has yellow vinyl apholstery and fits perfectly in my kitchen pantry next to the waterheater. It is so handy for odd jobs around the house, especially since I am short. I never thought of painting it and setting it out! My little stool has taken on new interest! blessings, carrell

  4. I NEED ONE! That is simply adorable. Love the grain sack and love the fact you painted it such a cherry red. I'm seriously jealous you found it for $2, but since it has obviously found such a good home with you I will try to be happy for you both! :-) jules

  5. Fabulous transformation!! Love the red!

  6. Oh, well done! The color is perfect and the grain sack detail is great.

  7. The grain sack back was a brilliant idea. I love the red and the fresh pies sign, great job Julie!

  8. You did a great job! I totally love it and want one of my own now!!!!


  9. I have a similar chair/stool I'm getting ready to fix up. Did yours have any rust on the chrome and if so what did you use to get it off?


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