Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chalk paint, take 2!

So, my first try with the chalk paint went well but I'm not so sure how I like the wax.  No doubt it is user error.  I picked up this sweet little table for a mere $1.99.  It was just screaming for some chalk paint.

I had read that some pieces being painted Old White may need 2 coats.  This table has a very stubborn stain.  I put three coats on that puppy.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to avoid my oh so obvious brush strokes.  I really like furniture to feel smooth so at the moment I am torn over the chalk paint.  I love that there is virtually no prep but I'm not use to seeing so many brush strokes or using the soft waxes.  But I guess nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?!  Anyways, I do like how the paint transformed this little table into something so sweet.

I think I did just the right amount of distressing.  I'm torn whether or not to keep it for a bit or put it in my booth.

Love to know what you think of it!  Drop me a comment.

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  1. I love this! It's adorable!

  2. It turned out great! Thanks for your opinions on chalk paint too. I haven't tried it and not sure I ever will, but love to hear both the good and the bad. Can't wait to see more!


  3. Looks great - I recently painted a stool with chalk paint and feel the same way you do about the visible brushstrokes - I sanded them down and am going to try adding a coat of wipe-on poly for a bit of sheen that appeals to me a little more.

  4. I LOVE it!! Small accent tables are my favourite pieces to paint...what a STEAL at $1.99!! WOW!!

  5. Very cute lil table. I bet it will sell fast in your booth. =) On your lil pitcher in the post below I like the discoloration on it.

  6. i think you just need to sand the paint with 220 sandpaper after painting and that will smooth the paint out. in fact, it will feel like butter after you sand it. then when you wax it, it will be a great hard finish that has just the right amount of sheen to it.

    that is a great find for $2.00!!! i love how it turned out.

    hugs, cindy

  7. Your paint probably thickened a bit since this paint is really an emulsion it's supposed to have texture. I dip my brush in a teeny bit of water then the paint to thin it a bit. Also if you give it a light sanding between coats & a quality brush helps too. I love this paint since it doesn't show my crazy brush strokes. Once it's waxed & then polished it feels like silk. Love your bargain table makeover.

  8. I think the table looks great and I can't see from here that the brush strokes are obvious or don't look good. Do you prefer not to use a sponge roller? I used that on the red dresser I'm doing and it worked great. Maybe chalk paint is different?


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