Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waste not, want not...Part 2

Sorry for the absence.  The weather has warmed up a little and I have been enjoying it. 

I have been recycling parts from my kids broken down chalkboard/dry erase board art easel.  I previously took the tray from the chalkboard/dry erase board and transformed it into a magnetic board.  Well, here is what I had left. 

I took an old empty frame only and the chalkboard side of easel.

I cut down chalkboard to fit the frame size, added a little pink pizazz, put them together, and now baby girl has a new chalkboard.

You got to love using what you have!  So, I could have thrown away an art easel.  Instead, I repurposed and now have a magnetic board and chalkboard! 

I plan on cutting up the remainder of the chalkboard and making little chalkboard labels for baskets. Also, hubby is going to use all of those colorful strips of wood that was the frame of the art easel to use as supports for some sagging shelves. The only thing I will wind up throwing away is the warped dry erase board. Before you toss something, ask yourself is it all a piece of trash or just part of it!

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