Thursday, February 24, 2011

TV cart to Sewing cart

You've heard it many times.  I love thrifting.  It's that whole idea of finding an unbelievable treasure at an unheard of price.  Does it usually happen for me?  No.  Does it stop me from the hunt?  Not on your life!

On one particular thrifting trip at the Salvation Army, I stumbled upon an old TV cart for $4.  In an instant, I knew what I could do with it.  I have been keeping my sewing machine and serger in the corner on the floor of our bonus room upstairs forever now.  Apparently, it bothered my husband so much that he kept putting them into our attic storage.  What better to do with this old TV cart than turn it into a sewing cart (even better that the TV cart is on wheels).  When I took the picture, I already removed the wheels.

First order of business was to spray paint the frame and cover the shelves with contact paper.  Hubby was nice enough to reinforce the bottom shelf to hold the weight of both machines (notice the unsightly screws).  He's good like that!

I originally was going to use the contact paper on both shelves that you see above but decided it was a little too busy for the top.  I luckily was able to find white contact paper being discontinued at my local dollar store.  I was able to snatch up a 1.5 yd roll for only 25 cents!!

Next on the agenda was to make a nice little skirt to hide the sewing machine and serger on the bottom shelf.  I had some extra fabric and lace in my stash of fabrics.  I would have liked to make a more gathered skirt but I was trying to keep it on the cheap side by using what I already had. 

So $4.25 later, I have a prettier storage solution for my sewing machine and serger.  Hopefully, hubby won't wheel it into the attic storage now!  I plan on revamping my sewing basket to put on the top shelf.  I might even put a vase with flowers.   

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  1. What a great solution! And I love that flower contact paper. Very shabby chic!

  2. What a sweet transformation! At a wonderful bargain too!

  3. That's using the ol' noodle! Great transformation.

  4. What a great way to 'hide' stuff. Love it!

  5. Great idea! It is perfect for pretty storage. Thanks for visiting me, and have a great weekend!

  6. I'll have to add tv cart to my To Find list, great solution to storage and organizing of sewing items! My sewing machine is under a chair! I like the skirt too!!

  7. super cute! i see these carts all the time and wonder what they could be used for. perfect!


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