Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homemade chalkboard paint and bucket

So, ever since I saw Attempting Aloha's post on homemade chalkboard paint here, I've been dying to try it out.  Then, I saw Freckled Laundry's tutorial for buckets with chalkboard paint here.  Combine them together and you have my project.

I picked up some buckets from Target's dollar bins.  You've just gotta love those bins!  Next, I decided to get all fancy pants and cut out nifty labels outlines on contact paper using my cricut machine. 

I proceeded to mix up my homemade chalkboard paint as directed in Attempting Aloha's post.  I know the whole idea of being homemade is to customize your color but I had extra black craft paint and just had to try it now!!  No waiting for me to pick just the right color.  I guess I can be like my four year old when it comes to instant gratification.  Anyways, I applied the paint as directed by Freckled Laundry's post.  I was sooo excited.  As I started to peel away the contact paper to reveal my chalkboard label, this happened.

Did I mention that I was going for instant gratification. So, I didn't really prepare the surface before painting on the bucket. Lesson learned.  Take two!  Made new label outlines and applied paint.  Then, oops.  I guess the step about priming with a piece of chalk after the paint is dry is really in there for a reason. So, much for instant gratification with this project.

Take three!  I applied just a smidge more chalkboard paint to fix that problem and now I call it done!

Wow!  What an idea following directions.  You would never have thought that I once was a teacher.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

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  1. I think they are really cute. I would like to try them for my grandbabies.

  2. Hi Julie, I really enjoyed this post! It was just the other day I was thinking why does chalkboard paint have to be black! I didn't know you could mix up your own, so I will be heading off to check out Attempting Aloha's post after this. I think I'm a bit like you as I try to jump the gun a bit when I'm making something for myself as I want to hurry up and finish it. I think your buckets turned out really cute, you could use this idea on practically anything. I think I saw a post once somewhere where they did this on terracotta pots for herbs and they looked great too. take care, Maryann

  3. so cute. I love the shape of your labels!



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