Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waste not, want not...

I'm sure you have all had something that has lived out it's life expectancy.  Well, that is what was happening to my kids chalkboard/dry erase easel.  The dry erase board was warped beyond repair.  So, why throw away all of it when there is still some salvageable parts?!

Here is the best picture I could find of a similar art easel to ours.

Step 1.  I disassembled the chalkboard.  Got the tray and spray painted it black.

Step 2.  I bought metal to make a magnetic board for top.  Lucky for me I had a gift card.  This has made this project free for me. 

Step 3.  Used my Dremel 200 for the first time to cut metal down to size.  I have to say I felt pretty powerful since sparks were flying.  Normally, I would have run away.  After I cut the metal, I glued down the metal with Liquid Nail.  Let it dry over night.   

Step 4.  Since I didn't achieve a straight cut on the bottom, I glued on black ribbon to hide the jagged edge.  I put 2 hook screws on and made pretty magnets using glass marble things and scrapbook paper.  Here you have my new magnetic board.  All I have to do is figure out just where I want to put it.

Stay tuned in to see what else I do with the rest of the disassembled art easel!

I'll be showing off my recycled art easel tray turned magnetic board over at:
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  1. How great to reuse the chalkboard rather than just throw it away!


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