Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ready, set, study

Okay, before I get to my newest project, I have to share something my 4 year old said to me. You see, she is my picky eater. Needless to say, dinner time isn't always fun. Yesterday I informed her that if she didn't eat any fruit or vegetables, her belly would just have to go hungry. With her strong will, that is exactly what happened. So this morning after being up for only 5 minutes, she told me, "Mama, you know it is not very polite to starve people. It will make them die." I'm happy to report that I at least got some green beans in her for lunch.

On to the latest project. My friend from church had approached me to see if I had a desk about for her son. It just so happened my mother was complaining to me to come and get this desk I had been storing in her garage. So, I guess it was going to be a win-win-win situation for all concerned. When I had spotted this desk, I new it would look great. The only qualification I put on it before buying it was the drawers had to work without a problem (and they did). So, it started out like this:

After sanding, staining, priming, and painting, it is all ready for a sweet, little boy to use.

Just look how great the top turned out.  I'm hoping the little guy enjoys it. 

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  1. Cute story! And fabulous dresser makeover!! Great color! Anyone would love it!

  2. Great desk, Julie! I love pieces like this and I like how you painted the base portion. The top looks great with the stain, too.

  3. Lucky boy! What a great color. Beautiful work!

  4. The top of the desk looks AMAZING! So dark & shiny & pretty!

  5. Cute story and wonderful desk! Love the color. Found you via The Shabby Creek Cottage. Toodles, Kathryn

  6. BEAUTIFULLY done...and OMIGOSH...your wee girl is a HOOT!!

  7. any chance you'd share the color? love it.

  8. would you possibly share the color? love it.


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