Wednesday, September 7, 2011

French dresser face lift

I was on a mission to get my daughter a new (to us) dresser.  Her old one used to be mine as a young girl.  After having her pull the drawer completely out every other day, I decided I had to take action.  I know you blog gals understand what I mean when I say I went shopping for a new dresser.  Yes, it meant looking at Goodwill's, Salvation Army, Craig's list, and auctions.  It is kind of scary that I never even thought about entering a furniture store.  Anyways, I came across a dresser at an auction just like this one.  Since I forgot to take a before picture, I found the exact same dresser from google images.

I decided to leave an absentee bid and to much of my surprise, I got it with a nightstand to go with it. Since it looked like the typical 60's/70ish french provincial dresser, I was surprised by just how heavy it was. You could tell she had seen better days. After cleaning her up and prepping her, the color had to be picked. When conferring with my 4 year old, her suggestions were pink and purple. A hot pink would have looked good, but I'm not quite ready to open Pandora's box with my daughter and decorating her room. So, after much persuasive discussion with the little decorator, we agreed on a nice gray. Let me just tell you, it was so hard to pick which gray. Each one looked so different depending on the time of the day. Once the color was picked, I painstakingly took my time and painted it correctly.  Without further anticipation, here is the french dresser with a new face lift.

Here is her nightstand.

I'm pretty pleased with the results.  The best thing of all is just how smoothly the drawers function.  The only problem now is that I feel like I need to paint her bed gray.  Oh well, I'll save that for another day (or week, or month).

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  1. Great find, Julie! I'll be looking for one just like this once we've moved because I'm not taking my old dresser with us. The gray will go great with pink or purple if you decide to go that route in her room.


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