Friday, September 9, 2011

Candles for fall

I just love a project you can complete in less than 2 hours.  When rummaging through the bins at the Goodwill outlet, I came across these candlesticks.  At first glance, they are definitely dated but just imagine what they could look like.

Maybe something like this. 

Just a coat or two of Heirloom white spray paint and a little sanding to add that weathered look.  Now, I have 2 updated candle holders to give a soft glow to the dining room for my fall decor.

Remember to think beyond what you see and to what it could be.  I plan on linking up to:

  French Country Cottage


  1. They look great, Julie! Great update and they just go with everything now!

  2. Love them. A question for my curiosity .... Do you use a sanding block, paper or sander for your small projects ? And why don't I ever find those kind of treasure's at good will ? lol

  3. What a great re-purposing of some out of date candlesticks. I love the new color and they look wonderful on your table. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are beautiful--saw some just like that at Goodwill and now wish i would have gotten them! Your dining room chairs are so so pretty too!

  5. I found one just like yours about six months ago and did the same thing with it! Love them on your table! michele

  6. Good eye! I would have passed them by for sure. You've transformed them into something wonderful!


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