Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Slipping on something new

I decided I would blow the dust off the keyboard and surprise y'all.  There is no excuse for my absence.  No reason whatsoever, just living life.  I have continued being inspired by others posts.  I have worked on plenty of my own projects.

Today, I thought I would share how I dressed up my mannequin for my booth.  Every girl likes to slip on something new! I guess I should back up and show you my mannequin that I did up for an event around Christmas.

I started by making a hoop skirt for her.

Then came the layers.  First, I wrapped a fitted sheet around the hoop skirt.  Next came wiring on different Christmas tree branches.  Then wrapped my $1 red tablecloth find.

As you can tell, she isn't quite there yet.  I grabbed just a tad bit of cheap green shear material to add.  Cinched in the waist with a little bling.  The finishing touch all ladies need pearls!

I fell in love with this.  I had to display her in my bedroom during Christmas.  When it was time to take down Christmas, I knew I just had to keep dressing her.  As many of you know, pinterest is wonderful and dangerous.  I found so many ideas.  I decided I wanted to sit her on a bookshelf and make it seem as if everything was peeking out from under her skirt.  This is what I was able to create.

I think it would have been a bit better if I would have been able to hoop it out to create the look I want but with limited space and time, this was what I have come up with.  I wonder what I can come up with next!

Love to hear what you think! 

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