Friday, March 16, 2012

From sweet to sassy (and an update)

First, let me thank all of you for your encouragement and prayers.  Last Friday, I had 29 lymph nodes removed to determine which chemo I will be undergoing.  I found out yesterday that it will be a total of 8 cycles every two weeks.  Yes, that is right.  4 months of chemo!  Wow, that is a lonnnnggg time without any hair.  My son's reaction about me getting a wig was I must get one like Elizabeth's father.  You know, from the pirates of the Caribbean?!  I told him that I am not sure they make powdered wigs anymore. 

On to the makeover.  I had been working for two weeks trying to get a desk and chair done for my daughter's room before my surgery last week.  Today, I am just going to share the chair transformation.  I spotted this too cute chair at the auction and decided it was meant for my daughter's room.  So, here is the sweet (albeit dirty) chair.

Can't you just imagine a 5 year old diva in it?  Well, I could that is why it came home with me.  Of course, the fabric had to go and all the innards.  My daughter wanted me to paint her walls hot pink but that was just crazy talk.  I decided that we would infuse color with accessories and inexpensive pieces (IE. the chair).  So, I went on a mad hunt for fabric to match the hot pink paint I was painting the desk.  Finally, I stumbled upon something that would work.   

I spray painted the chair frame white.  After foaming, batting, stretching, stapling, and gluing, here is the new and improved 'sassy' diva chair.

Doesn't it just scream sassy diva?!  I'm sharing over at:

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  1. Praying that all goes well with your health.

  2. Julie, I've been following your blog for a long time. I was on vacation the whole month of February & have just started reading blogs again. I am in tears at reading about your breast cancer diagnosis. I too am 35 and cannot imagine getting the news you received. Please know that you & your entire family will be in our prayers. I know that we don't "know" each other but if my family can do anything from NC please let us know.

  3. this is just too SASSY for words! How cute!


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