Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fluffing the booth

After a ridiculously long, cold, snowy filled winter, everyone is itching for spring.  My booth was in desperate need of a revamp.  I originally thought having a chalkboard wall would be so cool.  Little did I realize how difficult it would be.  There is no shortage of beautifully drawn on chalkboard walls out in blogland.  My problem is that I am not the best at drawing a picture, let alone filling a wall!

While blog hopping, I came across my inspiration from Maison Décor:

I just love the stenciled wall with the metallic paint!  I have never tried stenciling but thought it would be fun it give it a whirl. I grabbed a stencil from Hobby Lobby with my coupon.  First, I had to cover the black chalkboard paint with two coats of primer.  Then, I applied some oops paint I picked up at Lowe's.  Then, the fun started with the metallic paint and stencil.  I gotta say it got old after reaching the half way point!  I pushed my inventory just enough to give myself enough space to squeeze in a ladder and myself.  Okay, maybe just a little more than that but it felt like I was working in a drainage pipe!  Of course my partner in crime, my mom, was there to help out.  I have to say that it turned out great!  It was a bit of work but it gave my booth a much needed change.

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