Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SOS! Need your help!

I am racked with indecision.  I cannot decide which color to go with for my new china cabinet.  There is a cabinet it just isn't pictured.

I love Paris Grey on the left but I don't think it looks great next to the wall color which is not something I am willing to change right now.    So, I dry brushed on some Pure White.
I am begging you to weigh in.  I have to get this done before Thanksgiving. 

Savvy Southern Style



  1. I love the white wash look! Go for it!

  2. How about solid white to go with you iron stone and the the piece you have hanging on the wall on the other side?

  3. Either white or gray. I love the whole white, wheat, gray combo you have going.

  4. I like both, but the whitewash is extra-special!

  5. I really like the paris gray. With all your pretty iron stone. I think it would look nice.

  6. French Linen would look really pretty, but if it's between what you have I like the white wash! :)

  7. I like the whitewash look too, but I would distress it with sandpaper and add some brown wax or glaze.


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