Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet corner cabinet

I am still limited to what I am able to do.  It has been 5 weeks and I have been okayed to vacuum.  I know, I could barely hold back my excitement on that one :)  Anyways, one day I was looking through my memory card and found a few projects that I have never posted about. 

This poor little cabinet was a diamond in the rough when my mom proudly brought it to me from a garage sale.  This is just a shot after I scoured off the dirt.  As you can see, the door wasn't attached but had the hardware.  It just didn't want to close. 

Hubby took some time making the door fit properly.  He usually throws a little fit but I think he secretly likes tinkering with all of my "junk," as he call it.

After he proudly displays what a fine job and how well the door can shut, I did my part.  I was thinking a little dry brushing with some chalk paint would give it that great country look.  Not to mention, it only took me 10 minutes of my time. 

This is the original knob.  All crackled and crazed.  I love it.

What do you think?  It sold quickly at the shop.

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  1. Really nice! Corner cabinets are great--seems like there is always somewhere to put one. :)

  2. I love what you did with this! Beautiful.

  3. I love that little corner cabinet! A diamond in the ruff indeed. So good to hear from you again.
    Been thinking about you and then up pops a couple of posts!

  4. Thanks for stopping at my blog this weekend. Sabby of Suburia provided the tutorial for the coffee table. She mentioned that she used spray adhesive to attach the foam to the table.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi Julie! Ok, this is a very cool look! I was at the Wisteria outlet, in Dallas, earlier today and saw quite a few finishes similar to this. And to think that it takes less than 20 minutes, what a deal. I haven't tried ascp yet, but it is on my list to do. Thanks for sharing! Oh, your hair is looking good!

  6. What a cute little the color! I'm not surprised it sold so quickly :o)

  7. Of course it sold quickly, it's adorable.

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