Monday, April 2, 2012

Just a little table

First, I wanted to give a big thanks for letting me have my big therapy session on my last post.  Last week was great.  I felt normal again.  Sorry for not posting but I fully took advantage of having energy again after the week of chemo had me so run down.  With this normal burst of energy last week, I got busy working on things while I had the energy.  Here enters this little table. 

It was pretty wobbly and  a little worse for the wear.  But with a little glue, chalk paint, and wax, it came out like a little gem.

I mixed a little white acrylic paint in with my Chateau Grey.  I just needed it lighter.  It made it a little thin.  So, I added more Chateau Grey and Old White this time to make it a little thicker.  Ah, just right.  Love the lighter color.  Had to add a little spring vingette.

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  1. I love it, Julie! Amazing transformation! The color is perfect. It looks like a totally different table!

  2. Your little table turned out beautiful! Love that paint color.

  3. That little table is adorable! Nothing like a little crafty project to get your spirits up!

  4. It's so lovely table! The flower vase is looking so beautiful on the table. I love white so much and often use white pieces, please see here and I think, the above little piece can be great present to my daughter. I hope, she would be delighted after getting this.


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