Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tangled Birthday!

Saturday we hosted a Tangled themed birthday party for my 5 year old daughter.  We were expecting 5 to 6 little girls to join the celebrations.  I never try to reinvent the wheel.  Why stress myself out when I know I could google other mother's great party ideas.  It is kind of like a one stop shop.  Thanks to many moms' blogs and some other sites, I came up with a pretty good list of activities to do.

Of course with a Tangled theme, the colors were purple and yellow.  Here is our decorations:

The girls started off coloring some Tangled coloring pages I found here.  After finding the other cool activities where I found the coloring pages, I decided we should definitely make a Pascal noisemaker and shrinky dink charms I found here.  I had made each girl a little tulle tutu.  When handing out the tutus, I also gave each little princess her own crown, a necklace, bracelet, and ring.  What a pretty bunch of princess!

This is my favorite princess of all!

What a fun birthday!

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