Friday, December 9, 2011

It's been a long time

Sorry for my absence.  I fully intended to post daily to keep you abreast of my reupholstering progress but a funny little thing called life just happened.  My aunt fell ill and passed over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Since then, I just wanted to enjoy my family and all of my blessings.

Now that I will be having some gal pals over for a craft date, I can't really have them walk in the door and be greeted by this, can I??

I know.  What a mess!  You can tell that I have peeled away the bottom seat and the batting and foam from the back of the seat.  I am currently in the process of washing the drop cloths that I have decided to reupholster the chairs with.  I like how nubby the fabric feels.  What I didn't count on was all of the slight variations of an oatmeal color the drop cloths come in.  I decided to go with the darkest I could find.  I'll show you how I map out my pieces once my drop cloth are washed and dried.  Until then...

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  1. You take care and don't worry about all of us...we'll still be here! Life & Family are way more important and if I was your girlfriend coming over...I'd sit on the unfinished chairs. xo


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