Friday, April 8, 2011

Sheet music craze!

It is official!  I've jumped on the sheet music craze.  I spotted this sweet little piece at the auction.

It is always interesting how I don't notice all the flaws with a piece at the auction.   When I previewed the auction, I just made sure to check the drawer.  By the time I loaded it up after the auction, the drawer had been broken.  Once at home and in good lighting, that is when I noticed all of the veneer issues.  I tried patching all the places where the veneer was chipped but noticed the seam right in the middle of the top.  I knew my original idea of slapping on some paint wouldn't turn out like I wanted.  Enter sheet music.  I had been inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's beautiful sheet music dresser.  After painting, modge podging, distressing, glazing, and polying, here is the new and improved furniture piece....

An up close look...

I would love to know what you think.  I'm sharing over at:

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Paint color is pittsburgh paint - heavy cream
Glaze is General Finishes burnt umber


  1. I think it is gorgeous! Adds more interest than just paint!

  2. I love it! You know I bought the original Miss Mustard Seed's dresser, and I love it. I like the finish you put on yours, it really is beautiful. Great job.

  3. Very lovely! If you don't mind, I was curious what color/brand of paint you used (under the glaze?)?? This looks like just the color I had in mind for my next piece of furniture and I always like to know the color names because when I go try to pick out a paint color I get overwhelmed and can't choose because there are too many to choose from! Thanks for your help! Your work is awesome!

  4. Creativity is often in the details. I love what you have done to the table it has gone from bland to glam!

  5. It looks really good! I think I might jump on that craze too, it tuned out great!

  6. very nice!!! and thats the perfect creamy color!!!

  7. Great choice on such a cute little table as this!


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