Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feel the burn!

Feel the burn!  That is what I've been telling myself this whole week during my workout DVDs.  I can't tell you the number of times I thought about putting a chair lift on my staircase because my legs ached.  I definitely was feeling the burn this week!  I have become utterly aware of how out of shape I have become.

Never fear, Bob and Julian are whipping me into shape.  I am doing their 6-week cardio max and sculpt DVDs.  Yes, I am trying to curb my eating habits as well.  Although, I have found that utterly exhausting.  Apparently, I have poor self-restraint when it comes to choosing healthy foods.  That was obvious when I asked my son if we should go to McDonald's.  My wonderful 6 year old said, "Mom, that's junk food.  We should get Subway.  You know 'eat fresh.'"  Wow!  That last bit just shows you the power of advertising.  Anyways, I thanked my boy and knew I have so much work to do.

So, here I am.  One week into this "I gotta get into shape" mode and I'm looking to you for advice and encouragement.  I want to be successful and stick to this.  My goal is to lose 15-20 pounds.  Any suggestions, advice, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.  Don't worry.  I have a couple small projects to share for next week.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.   


  1. Start small ~ make little changes ~ do you drink soda....if so, cut it back. If you eat fast food, make different choices, or cut out fast food all together. I've found the preparation is the key. I make a big salad on Sunday and divide it up into small bowls. I also prepare either chicken breasts, or turkey burgers. Put in separate containers also. That way, it's easy to grab to pack my lunch to take to work. Roasted veggies are so easy to make and so good. Cut your veggies in the same size. Put in a big bowl ~ coat with olive oil, ground pepper, salt, garlic powder, and a few seasonings....toss. Line a cookie sheet with foil ~ spread your veggies out and bake @ 400 degees for 30 minutes... so good. Even brussells sprouts!! Good snacks ~ raw almonds, string cheese. Another good treat ~ low carb tortillas, spread cream cheese on it ~ slice up a few strawberries and roll it up ~ oh so good. YOU can do it =)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my chairs. Good luck with your fitness regime - keep at it. It'll all be worth it!

  3. Keep up the good work! I've added vitamin B complex to my diet and have found that it has helped with some weight loss! good luck dee dee

  4. Thanks for stopping by at Classic Crafter! I'm glad that my tutorial was helpful. I am also looking to lose about 20 pounds. I wish you luck with losing. I'll be doing some updates on how I'm working on my goal too. You might try . I'm using them to count my calories. Good luck!

  5. I've used Spark People in the past- it's great making some friends who have similar interests and who will help keep you accountable. I found though that I was just on the computer too much with that, so I switched to I just wanted to track calories and log how much I was burning, so it works for me. I've found that when I don't log my cals, that I gain weight again. Even when I'm working out! It is small steps. I recently gave up crackers and carb kinda stuff and swapped it for popcorn (fiber and salty!) and pistachios. It helps the salty cravings for me! Good luck! You can do it!


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