Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas project

Hello all!

I hope your holiday was as delightful as mine. I believe this was the second Black Friday I did not par take in. There was nothing that I felt would make me need to crawl out of bed at an absurdly early hour. So with a full night's sleep, I was energized and ready to do a Christmas project!

If you guys are anything like me, you cannot resist anything free. When a lovely lady had offered up some cabinet doors for free at a yard sale, I jumped on it. I have had three doors sitting in the garage since the summer. When pinspiration hit, I knew what to do.

After cleaning the door up, I gave it a fresh coat of red paint. Next, I made a stencil with my cricut using cardstock paper.


Once I placed on the stencil, I went to work stenciling with white paint. After going over it twice, carefully peeled off the stencil. I had to touch up a few minor places with an artist's brush and voila! A Christmas decoration for $0!




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