Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ironstone love

I love me some ironstone!  I have no idea how it happened but it did.  It probably happened by looking at others' collections arranged so grandly.  Every auction, flea market, thrift store, and garage sales, I keep an eye out for ironstone.  I seem to be drawn to soup tureens, casserole dishes, and pitchers.  Funny thing is I do not cook anything nice enough to serve in my nicer pieces!

When I went to my usual weekly auction, I spied with my little eye some ironstone.  I thought for sure some others would think it was just as fabulous as I did, but luck was on my side! Check out all of these pieces that I snagged for $10!

Take a look at the beautiful detail on the casserole dish.

I picked up these terrific tea cups, sugar caddy, and cute ironstone cow creamers.

A little closer shot of my cows.

Finally, I picked up this great ironstone platter for $1 at the flea market.

Needless to say, I felt like I hit the ironstone jackpot last week.  I wonder if I will ever find that perfect hutch to display them in.  A girl always has to have a dream, right?!

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  1. Hi Julie,
    I know what you mean about learning to love ironstone. I think I'm drawn to the restful white with the old charm. I'll have to start watching for it when I'm out thrifting.

  2. Hello Julie,
    Great treasures...luv that casserole! Thanks for sharing at my party.


  3. I love all your purchases! They would look great displayed in a hutch. I hope it happens for you!

  4. Love the ironstone - especially the cows! I have confidence that you will find a perfect hutch someday. Be patient.

  5. Those are gorgeous! I didn't even know that's called ironstone, but I love your finds!

  6. Love your ironstone finds. I collect it, too.


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