Thursday, February 21, 2013


February 7th was my one year cancerversary. There was no celebrations to be had. I was lying horizontal with mounds of tissue about swallowing me up. The icing on the cake was getting pink eye on top of the cold.

Now that I am feeling like I am among the living again, I have begun to reflect on this year of cancer. I never imagined I would of had to endure this so early in my life. Then I think, what would make me the exception. There are plenty of terrible things people have suffered children, young adults, and the elderly. I know when someone first gets the dreaded C diagnosis, they may start to think what did I do to deserve this. This hasn't been something I have really thought although I have had one or two wonder it to me. I can honestly say that I am genetically predisposed ( BRAC2 +). I have thought what if I ate a certain way, exercised more, but would I ever have an answer? No!

Back when I began chemo, I just realized this was my life. Life happens differently for each of us. Sometimes we must endure and live. So, I could sit here and recap this year but it is really how my life has unfolded. Life is ever changing. Life is a collection of moments. Life continues until our last breath. So, I will continue to live. I will not celebrate the cancerversary because I plan on being too busy living!


  1. A year of cancer would not be a fun year I can imagine. Celebrating life is the perfect celebration. Take care and wishing you a better upcoming year :)

  2. I celebrated my five year last September. I was so utterly grateful to God to still be there. When I was first diagnosed my son was 4 and my daughter 8 and all I could think was "I can't leave them!" I praise God daily that I am here and as far as they say totally healthy now. I still get misty eyed and wonder sometimes but mostly I try to be a support to others because, as I found out personally, people love to tell you about the friend, relative, co worker who died from it. People just don't think and truly, if you haven't been through it you can't relate to the worry, at strange times, or the need to do for those you love so they remember. I send my blessings to you on this day and will be holding you in my prayers for continued health and peace.

  3. I really appreciate your spirit in this post. There are so many things in life that come our way that we can't control, and it's how we respond that makes a big difference.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments.
    Mary Alice

  4. Oh I'm so sorry. I hope there are better days ahead of you. It sounds like you have a wonderful, positive outlook :)


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