Friday, June 5, 2015

Under the Sea!

I have been going postal going coastal!  I have decided my upstairs addition would be a coastal theme.  I don't really know why.  I am not crazy about going to the beach.  I only like to swim in water that I can see in.  I have watched one to many River Monster shows with my son!  To get inspiration, I started searching on Pinterest.  I came across some mermaid decor.  Like any good DIYer, I found my inspiration and got to work.

I started out with a piece of wood. Sketch out my mermaid and started jigsawing!  I think my husband was waiting to call an ambulance.  I would say I felt I was safe.  I mean, I knew where all my fingers were in relationship to the blade at all times.  Anyways, here is my shape cut out (and I didn't even cut off a single finger).

Now for the part I felt was agonizing.  What should I do?  Stain?  Paint?  After much deliberation, I decided to go for painting it.  What color should I go with?  So many options!  Since my walls are a light blue, I decided to go with an orange and navy for the color pop.  Here is pictures from beginning to end.


After all of that work, I don't know how I feel about it right there.  

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  1. did a great job!!!...the mermaid is beautiful!!

  2. Love the little mermaid. I'll be humming 'under the sea' for the rest of the day.


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