Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time keeps ticking away

I just don't know how some of the blog gals do it.  How do they find the time to work on projects and post about them daily.  Oh yeah, and have time for family, work, etc, etc.  Well, it is obvious that I am not one of those talented, dedicated bloggers (yet). 

Of late, I have been feeling a little stressed.  Now that I have a booth, I have to fill it.  For the past 6 1/2 years, my only concern have been my kids and hubby.  So, I have been adjusting.  I'm trying to figure out how to balance searching for treasures and working to turn something into a treasure with caring for my family.  So this must be what it feels like to be a working mom.

Speaking of turning something into a treasure.  I found this little table at the Salvation Army.  Originally, it was all black.  Someone had painted over 3 strips of shelving paper.  So, this is what it looked like after I stripped off the paper and paint. 

Not too pretty, uh?  I spray painted it Heirloom white.  Cut out the roman numerals and words on contact paper with my Cricut for the stencil.  After I painted on the numerals, I added a little glaze which picked up all the great imperfections with the table.  Here is the close up.

This now has a spot in my booth.  Hopefully someone will snatch it up because she can't live without it!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coffe table turned bench

Okay, first let me thank you for letting me have a little vent episode.  Before I share my coffee table turned bench, I'll share my find.  My last post was about my dream chairs.  Well, I found a compromise today at the Salvation Army.  They are not exactly what I want but for $10 each they will do until I find my dream chairs again.  Anyway, the first picture below is my dream chairs dashed away by a higher bidder.  They are the green velvet french chairs.  The second picture is the chairs I brought home today.

Now that I see the pictures like this, I admit they don't look alike but gave me a french feel.  I figure a little paint and some new fabric will make these chairs last until my dream chairs show up again at a price I can afford.  What do you think?  Am I nuts?

Enough about the chairs.  On to my project.  I lugged this heavy baby out of the Salvation Army too.  Not so pretty up close but I had plans.

I slapped on some paint and whipped up a cushion to turn it into this lovely bench.

Okay, I made it sound like whipping up the cushion was a breeze but not so much.  Just a little friendly advice, always stop sewing when you are getting tired.  Once the cushion was done, I couldn't resist making these cute little bunny pillows for Easter.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dashed dreams

So, I know I've been working on things but I just haven't found the time to post about them yet.  So, instead of posting about a project, I needed to vent to some gals who probably understand.  I'm sure one of you know how it feels when you find the exact piece of furniture you been dreaming of.  Well, I found 2 french bergere chairs at an auction.  I could see past the yellowish green velvet.  They were going to look just gorgeous in my living room when I was done with them.  I'm guessing you know how the story is going to end.  Yes, I was out bid.  I couldn't believe it when chairs went for $180 each!  I mean these chairs weren't from France.  I've spent the entire day being irritated that my dream chairs were so close only to have them dashed away.  I know it is such a silly thing to dwell on.  I know in today's world I am so very blessed.  So, I guess I'll just keep dreaming of those chairs and maybe one day they'll be mine.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sheet music craze!

It is official!  I've jumped on the sheet music craze.  I spotted this sweet little piece at the auction.

It is always interesting how I don't notice all the flaws with a piece at the auction.   When I previewed the auction, I just made sure to check the drawer.  By the time I loaded it up after the auction, the drawer had been broken.  Once at home and in good lighting, that is when I noticed all of the veneer issues.  I tried patching all the places where the veneer was chipped but noticed the seam right in the middle of the top.  I knew my original idea of slapping on some paint wouldn't turn out like I wanted.  Enter sheet music.  I had been inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's beautiful sheet music dresser.  After painting, modge podging, distressing, glazing, and polying, here is the new and improved furniture piece....

An up close look...

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Paint color is pittsburgh paint - heavy cream
Glaze is General Finishes burnt umber

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lovely white

Where has spring break gone? Unfortunately, I can't say that I was enjoying an exotic location during my kids spring break. Mostly, I spent my days playing Wii, waging light saber wars, as well as refereeing
 my two kids. We really did have a good week together. I can't believe I didn't squeeze in time in to post until now!

I thought I would share my latest project.  I had went to the auction and came home with a cute little french prov. bed and nightstand for my new booth (insert my silly grin).  It was perfectly fine as it was but for some reason I couldn't see it in a little girl's room.

Nothing is wrong with fruit wood.  I just needed to change it.   So I broke out the white paint.  Now, I can envision a little girl jumping on the bed.  Okay, maybe I can see that because I have a little girl that jumps on the exact same kind of bed. 

I think it turned out pretty good.  I decided to make some cute pillows to kind of make more of a display for the booth.  Speaking of booth, I have a few pictures to share.  I wanted to thank all the gals for the encouraging comments about my new venture.  Small as it may seem, it is a pretty big deal for me. 

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